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Increasingly sport provides a wealth of data for fans to analyse and horseracing is very much part of this trend.

While the power and finesse of the horse remains at the heart of racing there are many different ways that people can choose to enjoy the sport. Lots of us enjoy studying ‘the form’ and placing bets and will look at information in order to make an informed choice about where to invest our money.

One area where racing needs to catch up with other sports is in the field of sectional timing. We are all very used to seeing how fast an F1 car covers a circuit, or part of a circuit, or knowing the maximum speed of a tennis player’s serve. However, in racing the speed of the horses and their pace in different sections of the race has remained a mystery.

This is changing. ARC has partnered with Total Performance Data to help start to shine a light on the incredible amount of exciting statistical information available in racing. Sectional Timing offers in-race speed information per runner throughout a race allowing fascinating stories to unfold way before the horses reach the finish line with the data shining a light on the way a race is run, rather than just the result of it.

For the third consecutive season of the All-Weather Championships Total Performance Data will be providing Sectional Timing for all races from ARC’s four all-weather racecourses – Lingfield Park, Newcastle, Southwell and Wolverhampton. All of the data from the previous two seasons is now available, free of charge, on At The Races:

The information provided by Total Performance Data has already started to provide some fascinating insights into races. Here is just one example from last season:

BETWAY WINTER DERBY STAKES (Lingfield Park, 25th February 2017):

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Run over the same course and distance as the trial, this race resulted in an even quicker finish of 115.1%. Convey won, with last two furlongs of 10.5s and 10.9s.  The lightning-quick finishing sectionals were a product of the ability of the horses involved, but also a pedestrian pace early in the race.

We are very proud to be leading the field in this area of development along with the teams at Total Performance Data and At The Races. We look forward to further developing the potential of sectional timing during Season 5 of the All-Weather Championships.