Fast Track Qualifier

A horse can win a specific “Fast-Track Qualifier” which will qualify for FREE and GUARANTEED run into a specific race on Finals Day.

Horses trained outside Great Britain are eligible to compete in the Championships.

There will be four Fast Track Qualifier races for each Championship Finals race.

However, if a Filly wins any of the Fast Track Qualfier races for either the Sprint or the Mile categories, the filly will be qualified for the Final of that specific category, or for the Fillies and Mares Final. Any horse qualifying for a guaranteed place in more than one of the Finals, by winning a Fast Track Qualifier race within more than one category, may be entered in each of the respective Finals for which they are qualified, but will only be able to be declared (at the 48 hour declaration stage) for one of the Finals.

In the event of a dead-heat in a Fast Track Qualifier, the Free and Guaranteed entry will be given to all winning horses in that race. In the event of disqualification of the winner of a qualifier, the horse which is officially promoted to first place will be awarded the “Fast-Track Qualifier” entry.


Fast-Track Qualifiers for the All-Weather Championships