The Rules and Regulations

All the details on how to qualify for the All-Weather Championships Finals Day and Vase

Championship Rules

There are a number of rules around the All Weather Championships, mostly focused upon qualification. There are two ways for a horse to qualify for a race at both Finals Day at Newcastle and the Vase fixture at Lingfield Park.  

The Coral Burradon Stakes, run at Newcastle on All-Weather Championships Finals Day does not require any qualification to run.

New for Season 9 of the All-Weather Championships is the ability to complete one qualifying run on an all-weather surface in Dubai or Saudi Arabia, as well as two runs on an all-weather surface in Britain, France or Ireland during the qualifying period.

1. Either a horse must run a minimum of three times on the all-weather surfaces in Great Britain, Ireland or France (or twice on the all-weather surfaces in Britain, Ireland or France and once on the dirt at Meydan in Dubai, or in Saudi Arabia) during the qualifying period.

These runs must take place during the Qualifying period which runs between 19 October 2021 and the six day entry stage for the All-Weather Championships Finals Day and Vase races (12 noon Saturday 9 April 2022) and be rated high enough to ‘make the cut’ in a Championships Race by order of its Official BHA Rating.  

Similarly, horses wishing to take part in the All-Weather Vase fixture (including the Apprentice Jockey's Handicap) at Lingfield Park on Good Friday must also have met the qualifying criteria of three runs in Britain, Ireland or France (or one of these three in Dubai or Saudi Arabia).  There is no qualifying criteria to run in races at Chelmsford City on Good Friday or the Coral Burradon Stakes at Newcastle.

2. Or a horse can win a specific Fast-Track Qualifier which will qualify for free and guaranteed entry into a specific race on Finals Day at Newcastle.

There are no Fast-Track Qualifier races for the All-Weather Vase Fixture at Lingfield Park.

If a Filly wins any of the Fast Track Qualifier races for either the Sprint or the Mile categories, the filly will be qualified for the Final of that specific category, or for the Fillies and Mares Final at Newcastle.

Any horse qualifying for a guaranteed place in more than one of the All-Weather Championships Finals, by winning a Fast Track Qualifier race within more than one category, may be entered in each of the respective Finals for which they are qualified, but will only be able to be declared (at the 48 hour declaration stage) for one of the Finals. 

In the event of a dead-heat in a Fast-Track Qualifier:

The Free and Guaranteed entry will be given to all winning horses in that race.

In the event of disqualification of the winner of a qualifier:

The horse which is officially promoted to first place will be awarded the “Fast-Track Qualifier” entry.

Horse with jockey onboard

In the event of 2 or more horses being rated the same for a place in an All-Weather Championships Final:

The places in the Championship Final will be awarded based on these tie-breaking count-back rules:

  1. No. of wins in the qualifying period
  2. No. of 2nd’s in the qualifying period
  3. No. of 3rd’s in the qualifying period
  4. No. of 4th’s in the qualifying period
  5. Random Ballot
Two male jockeys

Entry for the All-Weather Championship Finals races will be a 2 stage process:

  1. 6 Day Entry
  2. 48 Hour Declaration

NB: The Official BHA Rating of entrants on the day prior to the 6 Day Entry Stage will be used to determine the finalists.

A reserve system will operate for the 7 Championship Final races in the same way that they currently operate for other notable races in Britain. Two reserves will be selected for each Final race. A horse will not be permitted to declare as a reserve if declaring for another race on the card.

The All-Weather Championships runs from 19 October 2021 - 15 April 2022. The Finals Day will take place at Newcastle on Good Friday, 2 April 2021, featuring the six Championship Category Finals and the Coral Burradon Stakes.  The All-Weather Vase will take place at Lingfield Park, also on Good Friday, 15 April 2022.

For the Champion Owner, Trainer, Jockey, Apprentice Jockey and Winning Most Horse competitions, every win at Chelmsford City, Kempton Park, Lingfield Park, Newcastle, Southwell and Wolverhampton between 19 October and Good Friday 15 April 2022 inclusive will count.

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