2017-18 Horse Of The Year

HorsePrize Money
Victory Bond (GB)154,746.90
Corinthia Knight (IRE)129,027.00
Master The World (IRE)125,274.00
Diagnostic (GB)107,979.40
Funny Kid (USA)96,916.60
Gronkowski (USA)96,115.32
City Light (FR)93,375.00
Lucky Team (FR)93,375.00
Second Thought (IRE)78,999.00
Island Brave (IRE)78,716.24
Kachy (GB)65,307.00
Watersmeet (GB)59,474.90
Goring (GER)56,476.02
Carolinae (GB)52,881.00
Red Verdon (USA)51,320.90
Gracious John (IRE)50,970.90
Pactolus (IRE)50,553.80
Lord George (IRE)50,363.60
Nonios (IRE)43,641.36
Ply (GB)43,575.00
Zest (IRE)42,190.45
Mount Tahan (IRE)39,869.65
Stellar Surprise (GB)39,613.90
Captain Lars (SAF)37,543.79
Rock On Baileys (GB)35,999.90
Arcanada (IRE)35,626.90
Lucymai (GB)35,421.02
Lake Volta (IRE)34,200.00
Utmost (USA)34,087.50
Mr Owen (USA)34,005.60
Summer Icon (GB)33,892.65
Spare Parts (IRE)33,447.49
Tropics (USA)33,154.60
Foolaad (GB)32,665.62
Abe Lincoln (USA)32,646.62
Take The Helm (GB)31,846.50
Big Country (IRE)31,125.00
Dubawi Fifty (GB)29,910.00
Gulliver (GB)29,742.90
Petite Jack (GB)29,431.80
Atletico (IRE)29,362.30
Straight Right (FR)29,120.20
Intisaab (GB)28,792.80
Orvar (IRE)28,620.00
Titan Goddess (GB)27,679.62
Reckless Endeavour (IRE)27,341.85
Daphne (GB)26,988.00
Kyllachy Gala (GB)26,714.65
Swift Approval (IRE)26,369.40
Battle of Marathon (USA)26,308.95
Iconic Sunset (GB)26,162.29
Star Quality (GB)25,821.70
Mister Music (GB)25,776.14
Tomily (IRE)25,756.30
Headway (GB)25,519.50
Titi Makfi (GB)25,519.50
Mythmaker (GB)25,381.50
Encore d'Or (GB)25,230.30
Caspian Prince (IRE)24,740.30
American Gigolo (GB)24,312.42
Kimberella (GB)24,181.50
Something Lucky (IRE)24,178.03
Royal Reserve (GB)24,146.10
Hammer Gun (USA)23,937.50
King Kevin (GB)23,153.52
Desert Doctor (IRE)22,987.66
Count Otto (IRE)22,837.35
Muffri'Ha (IRE)22,684.00
Chevallier (GB)22,327.00
Court House (IRE)22,053.81
Gifted Master (IRE)21,860.20
Mountain Bell (GB)21,811.50
Eljaddaaf (IRE)21,670.65
Al Hamdany (IRE)21,648.55
Able Jack (GB)21,143.66
Joegogo (IRE)21,123.51
Stargazer (IRE)21,022.50
Star Ascending (IRE)20,940.64
Celestial Spheres (IRE)20,911.15
Soul Silver (IRE)20,803.10
Mambo Dancer (GB)20,503.35
Pulsating (IRE)20,405.96
Bernie's Boy (GB)20,324.68
Boy In The Bar (GB)19,187.75
Humbert (IRE)19,118.55
Reflektor (IRE)19,073.64
Castlelyons (IRE)18,986.25
Midnight Malibu (IRE)18,748.47
Jellmood (GB)18,555.45
Ocean of Love (GB)18,516.96
Volatile (GB)18,480.40
Burcan (FR)18,082.50
Lord of The Glen (GB)18,043.22
Cosmeapolitan (GB)18,013.40
Samphire Coast (GB)17,919.49
Star Archer (GB)17,909.52
Easy Tiger (GB)17,824.57
Lacan (IRE)17,669.95
Excellent George (GB)17,263.88
Author's Dream (GB)17,143.10
Karijini (GER)17,042.09
Born To Finish (IRE)16,959.94
Dark Alliance (IRE)16,873.72
Danzan (IRE)16,821.72
Ojala (IRE)16,638.98
Windsor Cross (IRE)16,532.11
Lancelot du Lac (ITY)16,360.00
Stone of Destiny (GB)16,298.19
Dellaguista (IRE)16,280.35
Bungee Jump (IRE)16,254.11
Charles Molson (GB)16,199.00
Captain Pugwash (IRE)16,181.49
Beatbox Rhythm (IRE)16,172.50
Myboyhenry (IRE)16,172.50
Sir Chauvelin (GB)16,172.50
Soldier In Action (FR)16,098.30
Casey Jones (IRE)15,913.74
Von Blucher (IRE)15,752.50
Maratha (IRE)15,724.09
Cousin Khee (GB)15,719.63
Breathless Times (GB)15,715.30
Luv U Whatever (GB)15,708.19
Thaqaffa (IRE)15,480.19
Mutawathea (GB)15,441.80
Sunshineandbubbles (GB)15,240.22
Rainbow Rebel (IRE)15,106.27
Helvetian (GB)15,009.05
Epitaph (IRE)14,791.30
Pattie (GB)14,786.45
Kelly's Dino (FR)14,765.52
Dynamo Walt (IRE)14,711.87
Ay Ay (IRE)14,683.60
Oriental Lilly (GB)14,600.37
Kommander Kirkup (GB)14,489.79
Shyron (GB)14,489.65
Samovar (GB)14,430.46
Mia Tesoro (IRE)14,403.00
Tha'ir (IRE)14,340.04
Angel of The South (IRE)14,334.46
Montague (IRE)14,241.73
Made of Honour (IRE)14,148.67
Beautiful Memory (IRE)14,102.42
Grandfather Tom (GB)13,995.29
Great Return (GB)13,958.34
Arnarson (GB)13,925.49
Velvet Revolution (GB)13,917.90
Emenem (GB)13,915.45
Shamrokh (IRE)13,631.28
Early Morning (IRE)13,509.55
Bahamian Heights (GB)13,475.40
Jack The Truth (IRE)13,402.96
Udontdodou (GB)13,380.70
Sparkalot (GB)13,338.00
Vale of Kent (IRE)13,314.01
Crosse Fire (GB)13,236.10
Pearl Acclaim (IRE)13,185.47
Attain (GB)13,115.78
Sooqaan (GB)13,102.96
Bumptious (GB)13,101.90
Custard The Dragon (GB)13,071.68
Gallipoli (IRE)13,048.00
Mr Carbonator (GB)13,010.71
Fire Fighting (IRE)12,997.10
Cliffs of Capri (GB)12,963.04
Rosina (GB)12,949.86
Dal Harraild (GB)12,938.00
La Casa Tarifa (IRE)12,938.00
Snazzy (IRE)12,938.00
Steel Train (FR)12,938.00
Ifubelieveindreams (IRE)12,926.89
Sacred Act (GB)12,839.90
Fearsome (GB)12,783.61
Double Up (GB)12,759.50
Bear Valley (IRE)12,691.30
Luna Eclipse (IRE)12,674.23
Outlaw Torn (IRE)12,647.68
Athollblair Boy (IRE)12,574.75
Jorvik Prince (GB)12,458.43
Joshua Reynolds (GB)12,450.00
Human Nature (IRE)12,447.42
Native Fighter (IRE)12,424.85
Memories Galore (IRE)12,307.15
Hajaam (IRE)12,239.85
Brother Tiger (GB)12,212.35
Arlecchino's Leap (GB)12,132.61
Guvenor's Choice (IRE)12,112.49
Choice Encounter (GB)12,060.62
Curbyourenthusiasm (IRE)12,056.70
Snowy Winter (USA)11,980.29
Plutonian (IRE)11,971.90
London (FR)11,857.70
Toast of New York (USA)11,827.50
Naralsaif (IRE)11,798.29
Windforpower (IRE)11,705.44
Rusper (IRE)11,676.54
Heaven's Guest (IRE)11,656.00
Espadrille (GB)11,579.51
Our Man In Havana (GB)11,574.58
Henpecked (GB)11,549.86
Royal Birth (GB)11,501.30
Magic Pulse (IRE)11,475.41
Roy's Legacy (GB)11,457.35
Upavon (GB)11,360.67
Motown Mick (IRE)11,220.49
Tilly Trotter (IRE)11,211.60
Desert Wind (IRE)11,171.44
Archimedes (IRE)11,092.56
Global Academy (IRE)11,019.29
Volturnus (GB)10,947.52
Corazon Espinado (IRE)10,930.51
Poetic Imagination (GB)10,891.20
Miss Minuty (GB)10,890.70
Lord Caprio (IRE)10,812.42
Veena (FR)10,774.52
Kion (IRE)10,764.24
Dark Acclaim (IRE)10,760.00
King of Nepal (GB)10,673.85
Carp Kid (IRE)10,669.84
Argus (IRE)10,621.02
Swendab (IRE)10,603.35
Good Time Ahead (IRE)10,600.77
Aleef (IRE)10,565.91
Pearl Spectre (USA)10,535.32
Sir Hamilton (IRE)10,488.50
Apalis (FR)10,479.78
Broderie (GB)10,479.78
Acker Bilk (IRE)10,455.62
Poet's Society (GB)10,399.67
Kripke (IRE)10,365.79
Best Tamayuz (GB)10,363.84
Oud Metha Bridge (IRE)10,319.00
Lexington Law (IRE)10,318.05
Helen Sherbet (GB)10,304.87
Surrey Blaze (IRE)10,262.26
Esspeegee (GB)10,258.34
Aquarium (GB)10,232.78
Zabeel Star (IRE)10,197.04
Best Blue (GB)10,072.80
Murdanova (IRE)10,042.99
Tangramm (GB)10,032.13
Red Stripes (USA)10,029.86
Ode To Autumn (GB)10,005.62
Champagne Pink (FR)10,000.92
Holiday Magic (IRE)9,985.30
Paddyplex (GB)9,978.01
Western Way (IRE)9,955.94
Zaeem (GB)9,933.14
Mythical Spirit (IRE)9,914.34
Captain Navarre (GB)9,890.50
Desert Fox (GB)9,855.40
Kreb's Cycle (IRE)9,809.62
Gabrial's Star (GB)9,783.40
Oregon Gift (GB)9,777.12
Crimson Rosette (IRE)9,766.55
Snaffled (IRE)9,758.96
Mr Scaramanga (GB)9,755.50
Domitilla (GB)9,748.65
Ravenhoe (IRE)9,716.25
Fayez (IRE)9,712.95
Bowerman (GB)9,703.50
Coeur de Lion (GB)9,703.50
Cowboy Soldier (IRE)9,703.50
Lucky Deal (GB)9,703.50
Shamsaya (IRE)9,702.80
Rufus King (GB)9,675.00
Wiff Waff (GB)9,664.63
Compas Scoobie (GB)9,662.25
Sonnet Rose (IRE)9,635.23
Dutiful Son (IRE)9,617.02
Three Weeks (USA)9,607.04
Koeman (GB)9,576.15
Critical Thinking (IRE)9,575.95
Iley Boy (GB)9,567.84
Stringybark Creek (GB)9,559.60
Boom The Groom (IRE)9,479.40
Never Back Down (IRE)9,451.50
The Resdev Way (GB)9,436.04
Cosmelli (ITY)9,425.20
Sky Marshal (IRE)9,398.39
Tricky Dicky (GB)9,367.61
Believe It (IRE)9,356.50
Daschas (GB)9,268.44
Freebe Rocks (IRE)9,263.15
Time To Blossom (GB)9,252.82
Theglasgowwarrior (GB)9,207.27
Alsvinder (GB)9,132.15
Coiste Bodhar (IRE)9,102.17
Nautical Haven (GB)9,090.15
Nomorecalls (IRE)9,031.80
Morning Has Broken (IRE)9,031.42
General Hazard (IRE)9,008.97
It Must Be Faith (GB)8,994.54
Qaffaal (USA)8,977.70
Intern (IRE)8,975.28
George Dryden (IRE)8,968.56
Indian Affair (GB)8,967.36
Lawless Secret (GB)8,964.80
Barnaby Brook (CAN)8,929.86
Higher Court (USA)8,911.52
Marietta Robusti (IRE)8,897.86
Kafeel (USA)8,880.87
Newmarket Warrior (IRE)8,789.10
Midnightly (GB)8,750.94
Haraz (IRE)8,717.07
Raashdy (IRE)8,703.62
Outer Space (GB)8,700.99
Bold Spirit (GB)8,696.67
Greatest Journey (GB)8,662.50
Sonnetist (GB)8,637.53
Keystroke (GB)8,600.00
Melodic Motion (IRE)8,600.00
The British Lion (IRE)8,592.96
Jack of Diamonds (IRE)8,566.20
Dragon Mall (USA)8,520.11
Mach One (GB)8,514.70
Elixsoft (IRE)8,493.12
Amazour (IRE)8,487.85
Angel Palanas (GB)8,476.86
Dubai Acclaim (IRE)8,465.45
Happy Escape (GB)8,446.80
Sword Exceed (GER)8,442.04
Spinning Melody (USA)8,428.30
Constantino (IRE)8,411.15
Ertidaad (IRE)8,386.25
Serenity Now (IRE)8,367.67
Casterbridge (GB)8,332.45
Nearest Green (GB)8,326.99
Queens Royale (GB)8,316.55
Classic Pursuit (GB)8,305.15
Hard Graft (GB)8,291.85
Call Out Loud (GB)8,290.28
Sotomayor (GB)8,251.82
Breathoffreshair (GB)8,239.35
Eye of The Storm (IRE)8,177.00
Unit of Assessment (IRE)8,167.59
Twin Appeal (IRE)8,165.45
Wimpole Hall (GB)8,157.22
Azam (GB)8,137.98
Corked (IRE)8,135.40
Cappananty Con (GB)8,111.53
Bachelor (IRE)8,081.52
Ballymore Castle (IRE)8,073.40
Ray Purchase (GB)8,057.76
Betsalottie (GB)8,052.34
Lukoutoldmakezebak (GB)7,993.50
Age of Wisdom (IRE)7,973.64
Ramblow (GB)7,973.64
C Note (IRE)7,967.65
Tagur (IRE)7,965.90
Bridge Builder (GB)7,963.44
Toolatetodelegate (GB)7,953.42
Glory Awaits (IRE)7,938.59
Tellovoi (IRE)7,921.29
Malaspina (ITY)7,919.46
Desert Ruler (GB)7,892.18
Glenn Coco (GB)7,869.80
Spun Gold (GB)7,832.50
Bezos (IRE)7,806.18
Briscola (GB)7,794.52
Dor's Law (GB)7,769.99
Noble Expression (GB)7,762.80
Whosyourhousemate (GB)7,762.80
Al Galayel (IRE)7,762.79
Fire Diamond (GB)7,750.45
Strategic Heights (IRE)7,731.41
Clergyman (GB)7,728.78
Aiya (IRE)7,720.49
Sunblazer (IRE)7,717.47
Duke Cosimo (GB)7,637.13
Cross Counter (GB)7,633.42
Walk In The Sun (USA)7,633.42
Dose (GB)7,620.62
Ice Royal (IRE)7,618.59
Crown Walk (GB)7,585.50
Roundabout Magic (IRE)7,578.67
Mobbhij (GB)7,561.20
Carouse (IRE)7,559.40
Craving (IRE)7,554.98
Black Truffle (FR)7,548.04
Flight of Fantasy (GB)7,541.49
Drakefell (IRE)7,529.32
Mercers (GB)7,519.09
Good Business (IRE)7,511.30
Lucky Lodge (GB)7,510.24
Swift Emperor (IRE)7,505.20
Cliffs of Dover (GB)7,504.04
Fountain of Time (IRE)7,504.04
Inn The Bull (GER)7,504.04
Night Castle (IRE)7,504.04
Rey Loopy (IRE)7,494.62
You're Cool (GB)7,487.00
Nezar (IRE)7,483.39
Plansina (GB)7,457.14
Mr Andros (GB)7,438.12
Presence Process (GB)7,434.24
Dream Magic (IRE)7,432.67
Mickey (IRE)7,426.70
Hamish McGonagain (GB)7,409.70
Muqarred (USA)7,400.82
Caged Lightning (IRE)7,392.20
Newstead Abbey (GB)7,385.77
Mushtaq (IRE)7,356.40
Cristal Pallas Cat (IRE)7,337.76
Emigrated (IRE)7,310.24
Vj Day (USA)7,292.77
Monsieur Jimmy (GB)7,292.11
Compatriot (IRE)7,281.03
Mullarkey (GB)7,248.84
Contrast (IRE)7,246.15
Dubai One (IRE)7,246.15
Glenamoy Lad (GB)7,246.15
Hayadh (GB)7,246.15
Wahash (IRE)7,246.15
Warrior's Valley (GB)7,207.74
Mujassam (GB)7,207.49
Herm (IRE)7,178.44
Tom's Rock (IRE)7,176.86
Bobby Wheeler (IRE)7,168.00
Monks Stand (USA)7,157.14
Rouge Nuage (IRE)7,144.52
Grey Destiny (GB)7,119.30
Flora Sandes (USA)7,115.90
Photographer (GB)7,115.90
Rapid Ranger (GB)7,115.90
Dangerous Ends (GB)7,115.20
Jazirat (IRE)7,114.21
Gabrial (IRE)7,104.10
Huddersfilly Town (GB)7,102.10
Espresso Freddo (IRE)7,089.48
Dazeekha (GB)7,078.59
Very Honest (IRE)7,078.09
Zylan (IRE)7,066.74
My Target (IRE)7,042.90
Big Kitten (USA)7,024.52
Avocet (USA)7,016.24
King Malpic (FR)6,990.00
Ty Rock Brandy (IRE)6,986.52
Envisaging (IRE)6,979.71
Native Appeal (IRE)6,978.11
Oneroa (IRE)6,971.44
Midsummer Knight (GB)6,965.58
Ripp Orf (IRE)6,961.40
Third Time Lucky (IRE)6,956.90
Kath's Lustre (GB)6,954.42
Bath And Tennis (IRE)6,950.00
Willyegolassiego (GB)6,939.62
Testa Rossa (IRE)6,931.36
Deansgate (IRE)6,925.72
Jabbaar (GB)6,911.46
Choral Clan (IRE)6,904.95
Sugarloaf Mountain (IRE)6,898.56
Haines (GB)6,896.80
Ourmullion (GB)6,893.97
Reiffa (IRE)6,861.35
Di's Gift (GB)6,861.32
Perfect Illusion (GB)6,857.14
Harvest Day (GB)6,838.88
Wicker (GB)6,833.41
Sir Hector (IRE)6,820.08
Big Amigo (IRE)6,819.93
Favourite Royal (IRE)6,815.80
Cockney Boy (GB)6,796.56
Trotter (GB)6,796.35
Influent (IRE)6,781.59
Glorious Politics (GB)6,753.50
Gala Celebration (IRE)6,742.96
Nice Shot (IRE)6,732.12
Chaplin Bay (IRE)6,727.76
Fake News (GB)6,727.76
Pinnata (IRE)6,715.20
Restive (IRE)6,703.51
On The Warpath (GB)6,688.35
International Law (GB)6,680.86
Heather Lark (IRE)6,677.08
Magic Mirror (GB)6,676.92
Union Rose (GB)6,674.25
Big Time Maybe (IRE)6,673.23
Quick Recovery (GB)6,672.00
Warm Oasis (GB)6,669.75
Zalshah (GB)6,649.96
Highly Focussed (IRE)6,610.24
Noble Behest (GB)6,604.41
Relevant (IRE)6,593.07
Marshall Aid (IRE)6,592.36
Monarch Maid (GB)6,569.18
Tan Arabiq (GB)6,559.01
Gorgeous Noora (IRE)6,554.02
Every Chance (IRE)6,550.81
Bad Dog (GB)6,549.52
Baltic Prince (IRE)6,543.67
Seniority (GB)6,524.00
Big Lachie (GB)6,516.73
Pivotal Flame (IRE)6,510.24
Majestic Moon (IRE)6,504.52
Fruit Salad (GB)6,475.20
Dourado (IRE)6,469.00
Dukhan (GB)6,469.00
Elsaakb (USA)6,469.00
Express Lady (IRE)6,469.00
George Villiers (IRE)6,469.00
Moqarrar (USA)6,469.00
Ted's Brother (IRE)6,462.89
Chaucer's Tale (GB)6,433.20
Samtu (IRE)6,427.89
Miss Mirabeau (GB)6,426.20
Inuk (IRE)6,424.40
Culpability (USA)6,407.20
Hilary J (GB)6,401.10
Chocolate Box (IRE)6,390.17
Swissal (IRE)6,387.25
Amazing Grazing (IRE)6,362.60
Akkadian Empire (GB)6,338.12
Declamation (IRE)6,321.75
Show Stealer (GB)6,312.06
No More Thrills (GB)6,291.70
Velvet Vision (GB)6,291.70
Sayesse (GB)6,286.12
Poet's Prince (GB)6,235.27
Handsome Dude (GB)6,228.44
Complicit (IRE)6,224.62
Sea Fox (IRE)6,215.90
Port Soif (GB)6,210.24
Artieshow (USA)6,202.30
Cookie Ring (IRE)6,197.75
Unforgiving Minute (GB)6,165.05
West Palm Beach (IRE)6,145.55
Rude Awakening (GB)6,142.16
Breaking Free (GB)6,137.62
Malaysian Boleh (GB)6,135.97
Shearian (GB)6,077.52
Music Society (IRE)6,063.50
La Fortuna (GB)6,057.41
Alternate Route (GB)6,046.17
Blue Harmony (GB)6,039.65
Nurse Nightingale (GB)6,034.77
Bengali Boys (IRE)6,023.00
Locommotion (GB)5,992.72
Reedanjas (IRE)5,989.78
Silchester (USA)5,985.02
Technological (GB)5,985.02
Equiano Springs (GB)5,983.82
Lady of The Lamp (IRE)5,983.82
My Fantasea (IRE)5,974.99
Star Story (GB)5,965.42
Avon Green (GB)5,963.24
Felisa (GB)5,932.07
Cape To Cuba (GB)5,923.20
In The Red (IRE)5,922.82
Soghan (IRE)5,915.85
Brockey Rise (IRE)5,853.12
Bobby K (IRE)5,849.98
Maximinus Thrax (FR)5,831.02
Gift In Time (IRE)5,813.11
Regicide (IRE)5,801.24
Throckley (GB)5,775.20
Zenovia (IRE)5,727.22
Seasearch (GB)5,717.78
Enrolment (GB)5,715.10
Book of Dreams (IRE)5,692.72
Katie Gale (GB)5,676.60
Navajo Star (IRE)5,653.35
Sir Lancelott (GB)5,653.12
Related (GB)5,652.02
Mouchee (IRE)5,649.50
Frozen Lake (USA)5,646.12
Lazarus (IRE)5,636.83
Eltezam (IRE)5,629.40
Tavener (GB)5,618.27
Courier (GB)5,615.27
Just That Lord (GB)5,606.28
Come On Dave (IRE)5,601.52
Wazin (GB)5,599.06
Yeah Baby Yeah (IRE)5,591.25
Galloway Hills (GB)5,590.02
Lady Perignon (GB)5,574.28
Breaking Records (IRE)5,571.00
Thankyou Very Much (GB)5,561.12
Archie Stevens (GB)5,560.36
Fredricka (GB)5,560.00
Blazed (IRE)5,557.27
King Oswald (USA)5,543.49
Little Boy Blue (GB)5,541.74
Castle Hill Cassie (IRE)5,530.99
Copper Baked (FR)5,530.99
Exceeding Power (GB)5,530.99
Liberatum (GB)5,530.99
Now Children (IRE)5,530.99
Gone With The Wind (GER)5,528.30
Regina Nostra (GB)5,514.26
Awesome Allan (IRE)5,512.58
Great Hall (GB)5,507.40
Win Lose Draw (IRE)5,499.22
Completion (IRE)5,484.20
Champagne Rules (GB)5,475.20
The Eagle's Nest (IRE)5,475.20
Brotherly Company (IRE)5,468.52
Dawn Dancer (GB)5,466.48
Hidden Stash (GB)5,451.75
City Gent (GB)5,451.39
Political Slot (GB)5,449.37
Heeyaam (GB)5,447.75
Makaarim (GB)5,445.45
Commander Han (FR)5,433.96
Krazy Paving (GB)5,427.58
Lumi (IRE)5,426.48
Mighty Zip (USA)5,413.51
Lady Lintera (IRE)5,410.88
Hisar (IRE)5,408.48
Varsovian (GB)5,405.76
Father Ailbe (IRE)5,404.83
Mother of Dragons (IRE)5,399.98
Papa Stour (USA)5,397.89
Bubble And Squeak (GB)5,389.25
Gowanbuster (GB)5,389.09
Renny's Lady (IRE)5,384.10
Masham Star (IRE)5,380.00
Dutch Uncle (GB)5,360.56
Convey (GB)5,360.00
Purser (USA)5,360.00
Energia Flavio (BRZ)5,344.13
Powerful Society (IRE)5,335.05
Right Action (GB)5,321.35
Red Tycoon (IRE)5,306.42
Rising Sunshine (IRE)5,300.26
First Contact (IRE)5,295.16
Winds of Fire (USA)5,294.56
Breanski (GB)5,286.65
Glory of Paris (IRE)5,256.88
Meerpat (GB)5,256.66
Reckless Wave (IRE)5,256.66
Cape Cova (IRE)5,255.20
Cherry Oak (IRE)5,253.12
Jack Blane (GB)5,247.11
Billyoakes (IRE)5,240.77
Viola Park (GB)5,237.62
Fareeq (GB)5,235.23
Kafoo (GB)5,228.68
Lawn Ranger (GB)5,221.05
Hakam (USA)5,198.80
The Lock Master (IRE)5,187.08
Assimile (IRE)5,176.36
Rayaa (GB)5,175.20
Steaming (IRE)5,175.20
Volevo Lui (GB)5,175.20
What A Welcome (GB)5,175.20
Dance Teacher (IRE)5,156.02
Dukes Meadow (GB)5,155.76
Senatus (FR)5,155.12
New Rich (GB)5,151.63
Exchequer (IRE)5,144.33
Poppy In The Wind (GB)5,134.38
Bobby Biscuit (USA)5,122.38
Blackheath (GB)5,099.52
Gold Club (GB)5,097.00
Madame Ritz (IRE)5,090.98
Dream Serenade (GB)5,087.32
Smiley Bagel (IRE)5,079.58
Isstoora (IRE)5,074.50
Kingstreet Lady (GB)5,073.04
Calling Out (FR)5,062.70
Red Cymbal (GB)5,057.40
Zephyros (GER)5,053.96
Alfred Hutchinson (GB)5,046.00
Deben (GB)5,030.90
Line House (GB)5,026.63
Red Touch (USA)5,014.52
Battle Lines (GB)5,014.08
Derek Duval (USA)5,014.02
Tatlisu (IRE)5,012.85
Tilly Devine (GB)5,012.15
Top Offer (GB)5,011.60
Vegas Boy (IRE)5,009.30
French Mix (USA)5,002.92
Vettori Rules (GB)4,990.81
Porrima (IRE)4,984.02
Essential (GB)4,983.38
Bertie Moon (GB)4,976.06
Novabridge (GB)4,974.65
Sheriff (GB)4,969.55
Eternalist (GB)4,959.92
Tribal Warrior (GB)4,958.84
Cool Breeze (IRE)4,952.35
Make Magic (IRE)4,926.55
I'm Yer Man (GB)4,918.45
Blue Rocks (GB)4,916.71
Ruler of The Nile (GB)4,911.50
Jack Bear (GB)4,909.98
Burrumbeet (IRE)4,907.02
Galactic Spirit (GB)4,907.02
Touch The Clouds (GB)4,898.47
Istanbul Pasha (IRE)4,898.00
Temeraire (FR)4,894.81
Strictly Carter (GB)4,883.32
Sam Missile (IRE)4,879.78
Rock'n Gold (GB)4,878.87
Kodi Beach (GB)4,874.53
Cool Spirit (GB)4,868.52
Loyal Promise (IRE)4,868.52
Night Story (GB)4,868.52
The Gay Cavalier (GB)4,858.32
Noble Gift (GB)4,852.05
First Excel (GB)4,851.75
Gallifrey (GB)4,851.75
Loveatfirstsight (GB)4,851.75
Pouvoir Magique (FR)4,851.75
Tranquil Star (IRE)4,851.75
Zoffany Bay (IRE)4,851.50
Berryessa (IRE)4,843.50
Shadow Warrior (GB)4,843.40
Dylan Mouth (IRE)4,842.00
Bo Selecta (IRE)4,839.72
Liquid (IRE)4,829.46
Mister Freeze (IRE)4,829.38
Rowlestonerendezvu (GB)4,829.12
River Boyne (IRE)4,812.50
Beepeecee (GB)4,792.18
Secret Return (IRE)4,790.98
Famous Dynasty (IRE)4,790.88
Razin' Hell (GB)4,788.92
Bowson Fred (GB)4,786.30
Illusional (GB)4,784.92
Sharp Operator (GB)4,776.68
Belgravian (FR)4,771.25
Kasbah (IRE)4,764.73
Zapateado (GB)4,759.98
Ebbisham (IRE)4,758.86
Fabianski (IRE)4,752.50
Bird For Life (GB)4,735.12
Satchville Flyer (GB)4,723.05
Subhaan (GB)4,722.37
Limoncino (IRE)4,719.81
Take Two (GB)4,713.92
Roseau City (GB)4,708.75
Rose Berry (GB)4,703.32
St Mary's (GB)4,691.10
Entangling (IRE)4,690.02
Great Court (IRE)4,690.02
Cainhoe Star (GB)4,679.29
Marshal Dan (IRE)4,676.02
Pak Choi (GB)4,676.02
Sweet And Dandy (IRE)4,676.02
Surrey Hope (USA)4,667.85
Jeremy's Jet (IRE)4,666.07
Fortune's Pearl (IRE)4,660.00
Bleu Et Noir (GB)4,658.71
Delilah Park (GB)4,651.00
Bop It (GB)4,629.12
Rock Icon (GB)4,629.12
Isaac Bell (IRE)4,626.85
Battalion (IRE)4,622.90
Carpet Time (IRE)4,619.60
Cohesion (GB)4,613.40
Alifax (GB)4,609.98
Natalie Express (FR)4,609.98
Michael Corleone (GB)4,598.58
Al Khan (IRE)4,593.19
Anna Medici (GB)4,593.05
Rustang (FR)4,582.00
Bamako du Chatelet (FR)4,581.05
Archibelle (GB)4,574.26
Diamond Reflection (IRE)4,566.88
Anonymous John (IRE)4,552.02
Lost At Sea (GB)4,551.56
Weather Front (USA)4,532.76
Albishr (IRE)4,529.50
Baghdad (FR)4,528.30
Corelli (USA)4,528.30
Di Fede (IRE)4,528.30
Etisalat (GB)4,528.30
Gold Filigree (IRE)4,528.30
Lady Willpower (GB)4,528.30
Moqarrab (USA)4,528.30
Move Swiftly (GB)4,528.30
Restless Rose (GB)4,528.30
Two Weeks (GB)4,528.30
Without Parole (GB)4,528.30
One More Chance (IRE)4,526.43
X Rated (IRE)4,525.50
Medici Moon (GB)4,508.25
Pushkin Museum (IRE)4,505.12
Pride of Angels (GB)4,504.82
Met By Moonlight (GB)4,492.46
Highwayman (GB)4,475.12
Enigmatic (IRE)4,471.56
Kaisan (GB)4,454.45
With Hindsight (IRE)4,448.82
Danzay (IRE)4,447.52
Meandmyshadow (GB)4,443.07
Mercer's Troop (IRE)4,439.36
Mutabaahy (IRE)4,429.12
Out Do (GB)4,423.90
Strictly Art (IRE)4,419.90
Jumping Around (IRE)4,417.26
La La Land (IRE)4,408.75
Shamlan (IRE)4,401.57
Sputnik Planum (USA)4,398.92
Sir Geoffrey (IRE)4,398.00
Darkest Light (GB)4,396.92
Impart (GB)4,380.00
Limerick Lord (IRE)4,378.87
Pearl Nation (USA)4,378.87
Mossy's Lodge (GB)4,375.89
Street Poet (IRE)4,369.75
Ambient (IRE)4,368.85
Invincible Ridge (IRE)4,367.40
Toriano (GB)4,352.02
Thorntoun Lady (USA)4,346.11
Khamry (GB)4,338.35
Go On Gal (IRE)4,335.23
Lagenda (GB)4,330.96
Mandalayan (IRE)4,329.22
Martineo (GB)4,329.22
De Vegas Kid (IRE)4,329.12
Joyful Star (GB)4,329.12
Raakid (IRE)4,329.12
Loyalty (GB)4,328.57
Petruchio (IRE)4,319.60
Becker (GB)4,309.98
De Medici (IRE)4,309.98
Mr Potter (GB)4,309.52
First Experience (GB)4,305.12
Cribbs Causeway (IRE)4,304.00
Promising Run (USA)4,304.00
Deeley's Double (FR)4,292.52
Roundabout Kitten (USA)4,292.52
Tarseekh (GB)4,287.71
Precious Silk (IRE)4,286.12
Dalness Express (GB)4,273.36
Marble Statue (GB)4,269.54
Los Camachos (IRE)4,260.12
Archipeligo (GB)4,260.00
Mimram (GB)4,240.63
The Night King (GB)4,238.43
Daltrey (GB)4,234.60
Indian Red (GB)4,224.60
Suzi's Connoisseur (GB)4,218.50
Barnsdale (GB)4,217.71
Folie Douze (GB)4,213.78
Armed Response (GB)4,204.85
Augenblick (IRE)4,204.85
Elegiac (GB)4,204.85
Swiss Vinnare (GB)4,201.91
Mossketeer (GB)4,201.31
Dream Revival (GB)4,200.02
Gembari (GB)4,197.00
Glencadam Master (GB)4,197.00
Princess Way (IRE)4,194.26
What's The Story (GB)4,194.00
Miniature Daffodil (IRE)4,190.33
New Abbey Angel (IRE)4,187.52
Major Crispies (GB)4,185.39
Frank The Barber (IRE)4,180.12
Mr Coco Bean (USA)4,178.87
Shamshon (IRE)4,178.00
Rydan (IRE)4,170.56
Ask The Guru (GB)4,166.88
Cherubic (GB)4,166.88
Primero (FR)4,165.90
Harmonica (GB)4,163.28
Lean On Pete (IRE)4,161.90
Jackfinbar (FR)4,160.38
Scrutiny (GB)4,156.48
Kingston Kurrajong (GB)4,152.02
Francis Xavier (IRE)4,148.87
Bal de Rio (FR)4,140.16
Dawaaleeb (USA)4,140.16
Jetstream (IRE)4,140.16
Gun Case (GB)4,138.55
Broughtons Story (GB)4,135.23
Bardd (IRE)4,105.60
Air of York (IRE)4,105.12
World of Good (GB)4,105.12
Peace And Plenty (GB)4,100.75
Dark Side Dream (GB)4,100.25
Penny Dreadful (GB)4,097.77
Music Major (GB)4,095.86
Beatbybeatbybeat (GB)4,095.39
Ventura Blues (IRE)4,077.50
Pink Ribbon (IRE)4,076.60
Florencio (GB)4,074.65
Pretty Bubbles (GB)4,064.63
Arsenio Lupin (GB)4,052.02
Cape Banjo (USA)4,052.02
Laydee Victoria (IRE)4,052.02
Maestro Mac (IRE)4,052.02
Man of Verve (IRE)4,052.02
Vice Marshal (IRE)4,052.02
We Are The World (GB)4,052.02
Lord Oberon (GB)4,040.62
Tiger Lyon (USA)4,038.95
Karam Albaari (IRE)4,035.23
Pure Shores (GB)4,031.40
Lady Persephone (FR)4,031.00
Jessie Allan (IRE)4,030.73
Power And Peace (IRE)4,029.12
Shelneverwalkalone (GB)4,029.12
Spring Romance (IRE)4,029.12
Global Angel (GB)4,028.57
Maifalki (FR)4,017.81
Dubai Waves (GB)4,014.98
Mister Chow (GB)4,004.50
Aumerle (GB)4,004.10
Glendun (USA)4,004.10
Furni Factors (GB)3,995.52
Dorella (GER)3,992.52
The Amber Fort (USA)3,972.21
Temple Road (IRE)3,967.40
Sharp Reminder (GB)3,964.87
Tilsworth Lukey (GB)3,957.60
Ochos Rios (GB)3,949.91
A Sure Welcome (GB)3,948.25
Dr Richard Kimble (IRE)3,946.09
Royal Prospect (IRE)3,946.09
Captain Swift (IRE)3,941.76
Secret Lightning (FR)3,941.76
Inlawed (GB)3,934.50
Mercury (GB)3,931.30
Odds On Oli (GB)3,926.50
Ceyhan (GB)3,908.25
Wally's Wisdom (GB)3,905.12
Colourful Career (USA)3,895.85
Bobby Joe Leg (GB)3,881.40
Come On Come On (IRE)3,881.40
Herecomesthesun (IRE)3,881.40
Hipster Boy (GB)3,881.40
Mr Reckless (IRE)3,881.40
Night of Glory (GB)3,881.40
One Cool Daddy (USA)3,881.40
Sayf Shamal (USA)3,881.40
Sovereign Duke (GER)3,881.40
Thunderbolt Rocks (GB)3,881.40
Tribal Quest (USA)3,881.40
Entertaining Ben (GB)3,875.00
The King's Steed (GB)3,874.72
Gustavo Fring (IRE)3,873.55
Kingofmerrows (IRE)3,870.42
Fuel Injection (GB)3,866.88
Swissie (GB)3,866.88
Harperelle (GB)3,850.00
Poetic Force (IRE)3,850.00
Raven's Lady (GB)3,850.00
Ban Shoof (GB)3,842.41
The Lacemaker (GB)3,832.20
Fitzwilly (GB)3,813.88
Iconic Belle (GB)3,810.26
African Trader (USA)3,809.43
American Patrol (IRE)3,805.12
Branscombe (GB)3,805.12
Harbour Patrol (IRE)3,805.12
Da Capo Dandy (IRE)3,793.31
Ghostly Arc (IRE)3,793.26
Symbolic Star (IRE)3,793.26
Ventura Gold (IRE)3,793.26
Pour La Victoire (IRE)3,792.71
Just Fred (IRE)3,789.32
Star Cracker (IRE)3,787.67
Luang Prabang (IRE)3,777.30
Ghepardo (GB)3,772.50
Canford Thompson (GB)3,771.32
Brigadoon (GB)3,769.70
Gwafa (IRE)3,763.90
African Jazz (IRE)3,752.02
Bowditch (IRE)3,752.02
By Royal Approval (IRE)3,752.02
Calliandra (IRE)3,752.02
Cayuga (GB)3,752.02
Charles Fox (GB)3,752.02
Flag Festival (GB)3,752.02
Good Boy Alfie (GB)3,752.02
Haddaf (IRE)3,752.02
Kody Ridge (IRE)3,752.02
Litigation (GB)3,752.02
Morning Skye (IRE)3,752.02
New World Power (JPN)3,752.02
Nordic Lights (GB)3,752.02
One Second (GB)3,752.02
Pea Shooter (GB)3,752.02
Regina Pacis (IRE)3,752.02
Sophie Gray (IRE)3,752.02
Topapinion (GB)3,752.02
Tough Remedy (IRE)3,752.02
Zafaranah (USA)3,752.02
Alpha Tauri (USA)3,747.52
Insurplus (IRE)3,745.01
Trevithick (GB)3,733.45
Frown (GB)3,730.00
Born To Be Alive (IRE)3,728.00
American Endeavour (USA)3,715.50
Highbrow (GB)3,715.50
Monadee (GB)3,715.50
Rajar (GB)3,714.40
Waarif (IRE)3,714.26
Ingleby Spring (IRE)3,709.75
Bell Heather (IRE)3,705.12
Ghost (GB)3,705.12
Oyster Card (GB)3,705.12
Romantic (IRE)3,705.12
Swiss Belle (GB)3,701.56
My Amigo (GB)3,695.77
Rockley Point (GB)3,690.73
Hasanoanda (GB)3,682.32
Wild Flower (IRE)3,681.85
Muhajjal (GB)3,680.65
Dandy Bird (IRE)3,673.47
Runaiocht (IRE)3,672.40
Weloof (FR)3,669.07
Furzig (GB)3,667.40
Belated Breath (GB)3,663.08
Font Vert (FR)3,663.08
Hilborough (GB)3,657.65
Kodiac Express (IRE)3,657.50
Mansfield (GB)3,653.25
Joys Delight (GB)3,645.05
Sweet Symphony (GB)3,637.54
Captain Cat (IRE)3,635.70
Broughtons Knight (GB)3,619.30
Mr Mac (GB)3,617.71
Tasaaboq (GB)3,615.50
Casima (GB)3,614.98
Udogo (GB)3,614.98
I Was Only Joking (IRE)3,599.75
Krystallite (GB)3,597.52
Luna Magic (GB)3,591.23
Rastacap (GB)3,585.26
Shades of Mist (GB)3,579.83
Daily Trader (GB)3,565.77
Hello Brigette (IRE)3,557.95
Hic Bibi (GB)3,550.10
Franco's Secret (GB)3,541.60
Magnus Maximus (GB)3,541.60
Pepita (IRE)3,541.60
Dorian Gray (IRE)3,538.02
Iballisticvin (GB)3,534.50
Decision Maker (IRE)3,533.85
Miss Dusky Diva (IRE)3,533.76
Roman Spinner (GB)3,530.60
Antonian (GB)3,523.10
Captain George (IRE)3,505.12
Chloellie (GB)3,505.12
Mighty Mac (IRE)3,505.12
Berlios (IRE)3,498.46
Brian Ryan (GB)3,493.26
Obrigada (GB)3,489.92
Sanches (GB)3,488.15
Steal The Scene (IRE)3,483.67
Continuum (GB)3,483.53
Indigo Princess (GB)3,475.25
Lydiate Lady (GB)3,475.00
Mythical Madness (GB)3,470.20
Fast Track (GB)3,463.89
General Tufto (GB)3,457.72
Living Leader (GB)3,452.55
Ghanimah (GB)3,450.95
Tommy G (GB)3,443.27
Mistry (GB)3,432.50
Grecian Divine (IRE)3,428.57
Independence Day (IRE)3,428.57
Luath (GB)3,423.20
Adventureman (GB)3,405.12
Coverham (IRE)3,405.12
Deebaj (IRE)3,405.12
Deleyll (GB)3,405.12
Fiery Breath (GB)3,405.12
Leoro (IRE)3,405.12
Mabo (GB)3,405.12
Poppy May (IRE)3,405.12
Sir Jamie (GB)3,405.12
Ambitious Boy (GB)3,394.72
Bayston Hill (GB)3,393.25
Strange Society (IRE)3,392.05
Run With Pride (IRE)3,389.72
Surfa Rosa (GB)3,387.87
Grey Waters (IRE)3,380.65
Fleeting Freedom (GB)3,368.20
Natch (GB)3,368.16
Sky Eagle (IRE)3,357.60
Compton Abbey (GB)3,345.62
Swift Fox (GB)3,345.62
The Great Wall (USA)3,322.31
Barbara Villiers (GB)3,311.66
Abraj Dubai (USA)3,311.05
Lord Murphy (IRE)3,307.50
Nick Vedder (GB)3,306.22
Ubla (IRE)3,285.65
Candesta (USA)3,284.40
Intransigent (GB)3,271.50
Intense Pleasure (IRE)3,262.43
Kyllukey (GB)3,254.85
Suegioo (FR)3,253.57
Fire Orchid (GB)3,250.60
Al Asef (GB)3,234.50
Al Kout (GB)3,234.50
Big Baz (IRE)3,234.50
Bold Reason (GER)3,234.50
Bow Street (GB)3,234.50
Brigand (GB)3,234.50
Cecchini (IRE)3,234.50
Ciaoadiosimdone (IRE)3,234.50
Compton Prince (GB)3,234.50
Damocles (GER)3,234.50
Ejtyah (GB)3,234.50
Flavius Titus (GB)3,234.50
Folies Bergeres (GB)3,234.50
Ispolini (GB)3,234.50
King And Empire (IRE)3,234.50
Love Conquers (JPN)3,234.50
Lush Life (IRE)3,234.50
Mr Ritz (GB)3,234.50
Occupy (USA)3,234.50
Omotesando (GB)3,234.50
Perfect Hustler (USA)3,234.50
Point Hope (IRE)3,234.50
Qaysar (FR)3,234.50
Second Page (GB)3,234.50
Tashaaboh (IRE)3,234.50
Tenedos (GB)3,234.50
Towelrads Boy (IRE)3,234.50
Tuscany (IRE)3,234.50
Zilza (IRE)3,234.50
Letmestopyouthere (IRE)3,230.14
Little Miss Lola (GB)3,226.65
Know The Truth (GB)3,211.05
Mama Africa (IRE)3,211.05
Tanseeq (GB)3,208.09
Kheleyf's Girl (GB)3,206.75
A Few Good Men (GB)3,199.65
Diamond Pursuit (GB)3,181.01
Perceived (GB)3,165.86
Mr Bossy Boots (IRE)3,158.77
Statehood (IRE)3,151.55
Big Brave Bob (GB)3,105.12
Dreamofdiscovery (IRE)3,105.12
Evening Starlight (GB)3,105.12
Geetanjali (IRE)3,105.12
General Brook (IRE)3,105.12
Le Torrent (GB)3,105.12
Master Burbidge (GB)3,105.12
Red Invader (IRE)3,105.12
Your Pal Tal (GB)3,105.12
Angelina d'Or (GER)3,098.75
Squire (GB)3,090.83
Welliesinthewater (IRE)3,086.45
Broadhaven Honey (IRE)3,080.00
Evies Wish (IRE)3,072.77
Black Sails (GB)3,070.00
Love Rat (GB)3,069.94
Unveiling (GB)3,050.54
Berlusca (IRE)3,041.50
Mr Pocket (IRE)3,041.50
Lake Shore Drive (IRE)3,034.15
Power Home (IRE)3,034.15
Hussar Ballad (USA)3,025.91
Firmdecisions (IRE)3,016.76
Noneedtotellme (IRE)3,003.80
Mixboy (FR)2,998.65
Shine Baby Shine (GB)2,994.72
Doctor Sardonicus (GB)2,993.80
Big Bad Lol (IRE)2,987.60
Andok (IRE)2,983.75
Sugar Coating (GB)2,983.75
Secratario (FR)2,972.40
Skyva (GB)2,972.40
Flora Tristan (GB)2,956.50
Crowned Eagle (GB)2,950.80
Passing Clouds (GB)2,936.88
Singyoursong (IRE)2,923.30
Swot (GB)2,917.60
Ambrosia (GB)2,911.05
Art Nouvelle (IRE)2,911.05
Blacklooks (IRE)2,911.05
British Art (GB)2,911.05
Caring Touch (USA)2,911.05
Circulation (GB)2,911.05
Dancing Brave Bear (USA)2,911.05
Dash of Spice (GB)2,911.05
Deyaarna (USA)2,911.05
Dreaming Time (GB)2,911.05
German Bight (IRE)2,911.05
Ghaseedah (GB)2,911.05
Global Tango (IRE)2,911.05
Great Shot Sam (USA)2,911.05
Hit The Beat (GB)2,911.05
Insurgence (GB)2,911.05
Kings Shield (USA)2,911.05
Laieth (GB)2,911.05
Masaarr (USA)2,911.05
Maverick Officer (GB)2,911.05
Mewtow (GB)2,911.05
Mordin (IRE)2,911.05
Mount Wellington (IRE)2,911.05
Mraseel (IRE)2,911.05
Persistence (IRE)2,911.05
Rajaam (IRE)2,911.05
Silver Link (IRE)2,911.05
Spirit of Belle (GB)2,911.05
Story Minister (IRE)2,911.05
Summer Name (IRE)2,911.05
Tallow (IRE)2,911.05
Thello (GB)2,911.05
Moving Robe (IRE)2,911.04
Honey Badger (GB)2,900.85
Good Impression (GB)2,890.63
Vroom (IRE)2,887.60
Wissahickon (USA)2,887.50
Mimic's Memory (GB)2,884.22
Black Dave (IRE)2,864.15
Pitch High (IRE)2,864.15
Gakku (GB)2,855.88
Ice Canyon (GB)2,855.46
Axe Cap (IRE)2,838.98
Georgian Bay (IRE)2,838.76
Final Venture (GB)2,829.00
Ebtkaar (IRE)2,817.50
Garth Rockett (GB)2,780.60
Arrowzone (GB)2,780.00
Sauchiehall Street (IRE)2,780.00
Poyle Vinnie (GB)2,776.00
Coillte Cailin (IRE)2,771.51
Baby Gal (GB)2,754.11
Dolly Mixture (FR)2,753.79
Leonard Thomas (GB)2,749.92
Burauq (GB)2,747.52
The Mums (GB)2,729.47
Crystal Deauville (FR)2,697.05
New Orleans (IRE)2,694.76
Junoesque (GB)2,694.75
Great Prospector (IRE)2,690.00
Kenny The Captain (IRE)2,676.50
Couldn't Could She (GB)2,675.41
De Little Engine (IRE)2,670.00
Canadian Royal (GB)2,666.52
Pour L'Amour (IRE)2,657.38
Tabernas (IRE)2,656.50
Prestbury Park (USA)2,649.90
Doc Sportello (IRE)2,645.50
Be Bold (GB)2,644.25
Siege of Boston (IRE)2,643.77
Ardamir (FR)2,631.84
Firesnake (IRE)2,611.11
Lost The Moon (GB)2,610.00
Midnight Macchiato (IRE)2,610.00
Dance Me (USA)2,598.00
Cuppacoco (GB)2,587.60
Diamond Avalanche (IRE)2,587.60
Four Kingdoms (IRE)2,587.60
Losingmyreligion (FR)2,587.60
Outrath (IRE)2,587.60
Pompey Chimes (IRE)2,587.60
Rock Island Line (GB)2,587.60
Worship (IRE)2,587.60
Silver Penny (GB)2,579.29
Unnoticed (GB)2,574.42
Give Him Time (GB)2,570.92
Rapid Rise (IRE)2,565.13
Major Assault (GB)2,564.15
Perfect Lady (GB)2,560.10
Barnay (GB)2,556.95
Make Music (GB)2,545.25
Sienna Says (GB)2,543.72
Paparazzi (GB)2,532.42
Warba (IRE)2,528.55
Boychick (IRE)2,527.76
The Special One (IRE)2,517.99
Van Huysen (IRE)2,511.88
Chetan (GB)2,499.48
Hidden Steps (GB)2,498.50
Wedgewood Estates (GB)2,494.00
Reason To Believe (FR)2,486.06
Brittanic (IRE)2,484.00
Landing Night (IRE)2,474.40
Joe's Spirit (IRE)2,471.87
Olaudah (GB)2,468.46
Russian Realm (GB)2,468.38
Bint Dandy (IRE)2,460.90
Maraakib (IRE)2,451.05
Picks Pinta (GB)2,450.31
Emilia James (GB)2,445.87
Berrahri (IRE)2,445.25
Going Native (GB)2,436.22
Maureb (IRE)2,425.87
Tailor's Row (USA)2,425.87
Captain Bob (IRE)2,424.26
Zipedeedodah (IRE)2,422.51
Elbereth (GB)2,412.00
Chingachgook (GB)2,409.91
It Dont Come Easy (IRE)2,405.00
Cat Royale (IRE)2,404.38
Exit Europe (GB)2,390.25
Widnes (GB)2,390.25
Amity Island (GB)2,389.80
Kaser (IRE)2,387.00
Legal History (IRE)2,386.56
Wonderfillo (IRE)2,379.00
Misu Pete (GB)2,367.50
Pastime (GB)2,357.50
Scribner Creek (IRE)2,340.50
Middle Kingdom (USA)2,334.50
Spin Top (GB)2,332.10
Hello Girl (GB)2,330.00
Master Speaker (IRE)2,330.00
Ventura Knight (IRE)2,330.00
Progressive Jazz (IRE)2,321.00
Alfonso Manana (IRE)2,320.25
Grand Inquisitor (GB)2,313.60
Check 'em Tuesday (IRE)2,312.66
Sheer Intensity (IRE)2,310.50
Nuns Walk (GB)2,310.00
Miracle Garden (GB)2,309.80
Bogardus (IRE)2,309.76
Shackled N Drawn (USA)2,309.75
Watching Spirits (GB)2,292.88
Dark Freedom (IRE)2,291.87
Fintry Flyer (GB)2,291.45
Simply Clever (GB)2,285.28
Hipz (IRE)2,274.46
Little Jo (GB)2,264.15
Lotara (GB)2,264.15
Roaring Rory (GB)2,264.15
Searanger (USA)2,264.15
Seebring (IRE)2,264.15
Sentinel (GB)2,264.15
Tifl (GB)2,264.15
Trick Shot Jenny (GB)2,264.15
Young Tiger (GB)2,264.15
Montanna (GB)2,263.20
Bristol Missile (USA)2,245.87
Alejandro (IRE)2,239.06
Inaam (IRE)2,236.25
Sportswriter (GB)2,233.00
Stealth (GB)2,232.42
Arzaak (IRE)2,230.16
Justice Pleasing (GB)2,224.00
Barye (GB)2,214.49
Epic Fantasy (GB)2,213.75
Narjes (GB)2,205.21
Ideal Spirit (GB)2,193.65
Maazel (IRE)2,187.08
Ingleby Angel (IRE)2,184.14
Lady Noorah (GB)2,178.18
Intermodal (GB)2,169.60
Brex Drago (ITY)2,168.90
Right Touch (GB)2,168.90
Malt Teaser (FR)2,162.35
Magic Mark (GB)2,161.10
Medici Banchiere (GB)2,159.20
Topmeup (GB)2,158.55
Rivers of Asia (GB)2,153.63
Scotch Myst (GB)2,153.10
Tommys Geal (GB)2,148.00
Khafoo Shememi (IRE)2,144.00
Broughtons Fancy (GB)2,143.35
Prince Jai (GB)2,142.12
Clayton Hall (IRE)2,124.00
Palawan (GB)2,124.00
Mr Christopher (IRE)2,120.46
Urban Soul (IRE)2,118.68
Silverbook (GB)2,117.50
Speciality (FR)2,107.36
Shakour (IRE)2,097.16
Chestnut Fire (GB)2,095.62
Diodorus (IRE)2,087.90
Ad Vitam (IRE)2,085.76
Dapper Man (IRE)2,085.76
Hold Hands (GB)2,085.76
Porto Ferro (IRE)2,081.96
Polar Light (GB)2,079.00
Gorse (IRE)2,074.46
Demons And Wizards (IRE)2,069.25
Erinyes (IRE)2,045.87
Agent Error (IRE)2,040.50
Deeds Not Words (IRE)2,040.50
Madrinho (IRE)2,039.92
London Glory (GB)2,032.95
Excellent World (IRE)2,031.43
Grecian Spirit (GB)2,030.40
Langlauf (USA)2,028.26
Ladies First (GB)2,021.00
Monumental Man (GB)2,019.72
Shortbackandsides (IRE)2,016.16
What Usain (GB)2,015.92
Fendale (GB)2,002.00
Rakematiz (GB)1,997.75
Treaty of Rome (USA)1,995.81
Far Dawn (GB)1,993.70
Fanoulpifer (GB)1,985.76
Cosmic Love (GB)1,982.75
Volpone Jelois (FR)1,981.72
Major Valentine (GB)1,974.46
Masquerade Bling (IRE)1,966.15
Move It Move It (GB)1,948.90
Hi There Silver (IRE)1,945.50
Intrepidly (USA)1,943.35
Captain Revelation (GB)1,932.90
Chance To Dream (IRE)1,925.00
Communique (IRE)1,925.00
Cwynar (GB)1,925.00
Flying Raconteur (GB)1,925.00
Lady of Aran (IRE)1,925.00
Medal of Honour (GB)1,925.00
Never Folding (IRE)1,925.00
Tilghman (IRE)1,925.00
Dichato (USA)1,924.64
Ideal Candy (IRE)1,924.45
Gabrial The Terror (IRE)1,924.00
Hard Forest (IRE)1,924.00
Laytown (IRE)1,924.00
Showdance Kid (GB)1,924.00
No Approval (IRE)1,923.52
Elite Shadow (GB)1,916.50
Argante (FR)1,916.16
Peace Terms (IRE)1,914.98
Jack Taylor (IRE)1,905.46
Topamichi (GB)1,899.15
Red Snapper (GB)1,897.75
Ross Raith Rover (GB)1,889.58
Peas On Earth (GB)1,888.07
Hediddodinthe (IRE)1,886.50
Lunar Deity (GB)1,886.00
Planetaria (IRE)1,878.28
Gabrial The Devil (IRE)1,878.26
Line of Beauty (GB)1,876.40
High Secret (IRE)1,864.00
Blistering Dancer (IRE)1,862.35
Bloodsweatandtears (GB)1,860.70
Isoletta (GB)1,860.70
Let Me In (IRE)1,847.52
Summer Thunder (USA)1,847.52
Optima Petamus (GB)1,843.00
Paddy A (IRE)1,836.51
Viva Verglas (IRE)1,831.76
Monzino (USA)1,830.11
Spirit of Gondree (IRE)1,824.00
Oceanus (IRE)1,821.74
Prerogative (IRE)1,820.46
Fast Act (IRE)1,820.41
Paddy The Chef (IRE)1,818.88
Ready (IRE)1,816.50
Nature Boy (IRE)1,815.92
Lovely Approach (GB)1,809.50
Mister Belvedere (GB)1,809.50
Medici Oro (GB)1,802.85
Winged Spur (IRE)1,802.50
Picture Painter (IRE)1,801.26
Takeonefortheteam (GB)1,797.02
A Momentofmadness (GB)1,791.70
Abareeq (GB)1,791.70
Amuletum (GB)1,789.96
Seaport (GB)1,789.51
Four Fifty Three (GB)1,785.76
Joey's Destiny (IRE)1,785.76
Fantasy Justifier (IRE)1,773.75
Daisy Bere (FR)1,772.63
Eyes On Asha (IRE)1,771.93
Frontiersman (GB)1,770.80
Peach Melba (GB)1,770.80
Stormingin (IRE)1,770.66
Soaring Spirits (IRE)1,766.15
Mehdi (IRE)1,761.76
Pantomime (IRE)1,761.76
Captain Joy (IRE)1,755.00
Lady of Authority (GB)1,749.35
Emerald Cross (IRE)1,747.50
Mystikana (GB)1,744.38
Cliff Face (IRE)1,744.35
Celtic Artisan (IRE)1,739.50
Yamuna River (GB)1,738.96
Noble Deed (GB)1,735.51
Voyager Blue (GB)1,732.20
Victoriously (GB)1,728.01
Dream Malfunction (IRE)1,724.50
Ravenous (GB)1,722.30
Dream Mount (IRE)1,716.50
Mary Elise (IRE)1,712.96
Clear Water (IRE)1,709.00
Ebqaa (IRE)1,708.30
Deliberator (GB)1,706.30
Spiritoftomintoul (GB)1,705.05
Clement (IRE)1,700.00
Casina di Notte (IRE)1,694.00
Persian Prize (IRE)1,694.00
Taqwaa (IRE)1,694.00
Trading Punches (IRE)1,694.00
Conkering Hero (IRE)1,685.76
Teardrop Island (USA)1,685.76
Innoko (FR)1,677.62
Galileo's Spear (FR)1,674.48
Assanilka (FR)1,674.46
Top Beak (IRE)1,674.41
Caracas (GB)1,673.75
Diamond Lady (GB)1,664.26
Arabian Oasis (GB)1,657.96
Haverland (IRE)1,647.38
Bluff Crag (GB)1,646.56
Bint Arcano (FR)1,645.95
Culloden (GB)1,639.50
Justice Rock (GB)1,636.70
Twizzell (GB)1,636.04
Celerity (IRE)1,633.72
Western Duke (IRE)1,631.00
Hallingham (GB)1,628.80
Towerlands Park (IRE)1,624.95
Mette (GB)1,624.00
Sandfrankskipsgo (GB)1,624.00
Sea Ess Seas (IRE)1,623.52
Headwear (IRE)1,620.25
Magicinthemaking (USA)1,620.25
Glorious Army (GB)1,617.00
How Bizarre (GB)1,612.52
Rizzle Dizzle (GB)1,612.05
Give Em A Clump (IRE)1,610.46
In The Lope (IRE)1,610.00
Dolphin Village (IRE)1,608.85
Tinker Tailor (IRE)1,600.00
Red Hot Chilly (IRE)1,589.08
Fikhaar (GB)1,588.60
Lulu Star (IRE)1,581.24
Sheila's Fancy (IRE)1,579.88
Accomplice (GB)1,578.26
Fairway To Heaven (IRE)1,573.75
How's Lucy (GB)1,569.60
Nampara (GB)1,566.25
Tis Wonderful (IRE)1,566.15
Citron Major (GB)1,563.25
Lady Makfi (IRE)1,562.00
Lesanti (GB)1,561.76
Little Kingdom (IRE)1,560.70
Quick Monet (IRE)1,560.70
Cloud Eight (IRE)1,555.41
Rite To Reign (GB)1,549.40
Ignacio Zuloaga (IRE)1,548.68
Sunhill Lad (IRE)1,540.45
Carnival King (IRE)1,540.00
Marine One (GB)1,540.00
Shepherd's Purse (GB)1,540.00
Lilbourne Star (IRE)1,539.80
Native Arrow (USA)1,539.80
Bomad (GB)1,539.75
Tadaany (IRE)1,539.20
Tigerfish (IRE)1,538.35
Somnambulist (GB)1,532.00
Hard Toffee (IRE)1,531.36
Itlaaq (GB)1,531.36
Man of Harlech (GB)1,528.30
Alkashaaf (USA)1,524.00
Amazing Amaya (GB)1,524.00
Buckland Beau (GB)1,524.00
Eyes of Fire (GB)1,524.00
Genuinely Crowded (IRE)1,524.00
Nag's Wag (IRE)1,524.00
Steel Helmet (IRE)1,524.00
Noble Gesture (GB)1,519.96
Catheadans Fury (GB)1,516.50
Dusky Maid (IRE)1,516.50
Prazeres (GB)1,516.50
Sugardrop (GB)1,508.80
Lady Cristal (IRE)1,503.00
Sufi (GB)1,502.50
Count Montecristo (FR)1,494.66
Miss Milla B (GB)1,492.88
Athassel (GB)1,492.40
Bridge of Sighs (GB)1,481.96
Wediddodontwe (GB)1,481.96
Captain Peaky (GB)1,481.00
Elegant Joan (GB)1,478.98
Acadian Angel (IRE)1,478.80
Leodis (IRE)1,478.45
Dowitcher (USA)1,472.44
Cloud Nine (FR)1,471.96
Plucky Dip (GB)1,469.60
Riverside Walk (GB)1,467.70
Hallstatt (IRE)1,466.93
Juan Horsepower (GB)1,466.25
Spirit of Sarwan (IRE)1,466.25
Trooper's Gold (GB)1,462.24
Glenys The Menace (FR)1,461.65
Zoravan (USA)1,457.96
Excellent Puck (IRE)1,456.81
Magistral (GB)1,454.90
Mutineer (GB)1,453.20
Alexandrakollontai (IRE)1,443.75
Perfect Soldier (IRE)1,443.75
Stardrifter (GB)1,443.75
Sibilance (GB)1,443.00
Koubba (IRE)1,439.97
Tiar Na Nog (IRE)1,438.96
Little Miss Kodi (IRE)1,435.16
Warburton (IRE)1,433.98
Pilgrim Soul (GB)1,433.38
Violet's Lads (IRE)1,429.05
Pudding Chare (IRE)1,426.31
Zubayr (IRE)1,424.50
Golden Image (GB)1,424.21
Gorgeous (FR)1,424.16
Shuhood (IRE)1,423.76
Time To Reason (IRE)1,423.28
Buthelezi (USA)1,419.48
Dalawyna (FR)1,416.50
Golden Footsteps (IRE)1,416.50
Jumping Jack (IRE)1,416.50
Monte Cinq (IRE)1,416.50
Retrieve (AUS)1,416.50
Reverberation (GB)1,416.50
Three Colours Red (IRE)1,416.50
Tidal Watch (IRE)1,416.50
Light Laughter (IRE)1,415.92
Drop Kick Murphi (IRE)1,409.86
Tabla (GB)1,409.86
Too Many Shots (GB)1,409.86
Feathery (GB)1,404.52
September Issue (GB)1,400.48
Foxy Boy (GB)1,400.00
Jan's Joy (GB)1,400.00
Eldritch (IRE)1,395.62
Enfolding (IRE)1,395.62
Top Mission (GB)1,395.62
Dark Crocodile (IRE)1,395.48
Involved (GB)1,395.48
Ruffina (USA)1,395.40
Mrs Burbidge (GB)1,395.38
Iconic Figure (IRE)1,385.76
Gentlemen (GB)1,385.28
Eccleston (GB)1,384.45
Mac O'Polo (IRE)1,382.60
Mount Victoria (IRE)1,377.20
Supreme Power (IRE)1,376.20
Clock Chimes (GB)1,371.45
Binky Blue (IRE)1,370.00
Madame Jo Jo (GB)1,361.76
Nyaleti (IRE)1,350.00
Beyond Recall (GB)1,347.50
Central City (IRE)1,347.50
Dance Emperor (IRE)1,347.50
Fakhoor (IRE)1,347.50
Moon Song (GB)1,347.50
Puds (GB)1,347.50
Swiss Knight (GB)1,347.50
Polly's Gold (IRE)1,346.80
Sociologist (FR)1,346.80
Waneen (IRE)1,339.50
Yogiyogiyogi (IRE)1,339.50
Zarkavon (GB)1,339.50
Cyrus Dallin (GB)1,338.96
Hong Kong Joe (GB)1,338.96
Hewouldwouldnthe (GB)1,330.46
Hurricane Alert (GB)1,329.34
Authentic Art (GB)1,324.00
Good Man (IRE)1,324.00
Team Showme (GB)1,324.00
Start Seven (GB)1,321.50
Arlecchino's Arc (IRE)1,320.25
Foxy Lady (GB)1,319.72
Bogart (GB)1,315.80
Dragon Tattoo (IRE)1,312.65
French (GB)1,308.80
Rich Again (IRE)1,304.28
Diaktoros (IRE)1,304.04
Tadaawol (GB)1,300.48
Cool Music (IRE)1,300.00
Dear Bruin (IRE)1,300.00
Estibdaad (IRE)1,300.00
Handsome Dan (IRE)1,300.00
Pranceabootthetoon (IRE)1,300.00
Vigee Le Brun (IRE)1,300.00
Meccabah (FR)1,299.20
Procedure (GB)1,299.20
Magnetic Boundary (USA)1,299.15
Vodka Pigeon (GB)1,290.86
Afandem (IRE)1,286.68
Dawn Goddess (GB)1,286.45
Bookmaker (GB)1,284.80
Tidal's Baby (GB)1,273.75
The Commendatore (GB)1,269.84
Sevilla (GB)1,264.16
Belabour (GB)1,262.50
Hairdryer (GB)1,262.50
Sir Harry Collins (IRE)1,260.75
Deduce (FR)1,257.96
Thecornishbarron (IRE)1,257.96
Broken Wings (IRE)1,251.25
The Jungle Vip (GB)1,251.05
Gracious George (IRE)1,242.76
Stosur (IRE)1,242.76
Spring Waterfall (IRE)1,241.48
Amourice (IRE)1,240.98
Jeopardy John (GB)1,240.98
Chip Or Pellet (GB)1,240.50
Stamp Duty (IRE)1,238.35
Gunner Moyne (GB)1,236.70
Napping (GB)1,236.70
Menelik (IRE)1,232.00
Samharry (GB)1,232.00
Taifbalady (IRE)1,232.00
Babette (IRE)1,231.36
Break The Silence (GB)1,230.11
Ormskirk (GB)1,228.80
Beast (GB)1,224.00
Bush Beauty (IRE)1,224.00
Hadley (GB)1,224.00
Idol Deputy (FR)1,224.00
Lungarno Palace (USA)1,224.00
Nicky Baby (IRE)1,224.00
Settle Petal (GB)1,224.00
Super Florence (IRE)1,224.00
Beauden Barrett (GB)1,223.52
Solid Man (JPN)1,223.52
Anif (IRE)1,216.88
Western Hymn (GB)1,210.50
Queen Moon (IRE)1,207.85
Rubenesque (IRE)1,207.84
Joyful Dream (IRE)1,205.05
Calypso Blue (IRE)1,203.00
Tum Tum (GB)1,203.00
Sassie (IRE)1,202.95
Windsorlot (IRE)1,202.90
Global Spirit (GB)1,202.87
Mochalov (GB)1,202.50
Three Saints Bay (IRE)1,202.50
Etaad (USA)1,200.00
Rockwood (GB)1,200.00
Sea Tea Dea (GB)1,200.00
Spirit of Wedza (IRE)1,200.00
Threediamondrings (GB)1,200.00
Canberra Cliffs (IRE)1,197.90
Keir Hardie (IRE)1,193.50
Mutarakez (IRE)1,186.42
Physical Power (IRE)1,181.00
Zefferino (GB)1,181.00
Stopdworldnletmeof (GB)1,178.98
Handsome Bob (IRE)1,178.45
Poetic Affair (GB)1,178.45
Breakfast (IRE)1,177.20
New Tale (GB)1,177.20
Cocktail (IRE)1,174.25
Deer Song (GB)1,170.00
Ascot Day (IRE)1,168.00
Celestial Path (IRE)1,167.05
Charlie's Dreamer (GB)1,166.25
Paradise Lake (IRE)1,166.25
Riverside Bridge (IRE)1,166.25
Swift Cedar (IRE)1,166.25
Valley of Light (GB)1,166.25
Gettin' Lucky (GB)1,165.80
Dark Red (IRE)1,165.00
Silent Echo (GB)1,165.00
Destinys Rock (GB)1,164.02
Bill Cody (IRE)1,161.76
Born For Prosecco (IRE)1,161.76
General Gerrard (GB)1,161.76
Kinglami (GB)1,161.76
See Vermont (GB)1,161.76
Spryt (IRE)1,161.76
Dramatic Voice (GB)1,157.96
Frozon (GB)1,157.96
Hawatif (IRE)1,157.96
Mezmaar (GB)1,157.96
Be My Angel (GB)1,155.00
Dark Magic (GB)1,155.00
Dundunah (USA)1,155.00
Dutch Monarch (GB)1,155.00
Firmage Burg (FR)1,155.00
Isomer (USA)1,155.00
Princess de Lune (IRE)1,155.00
Profound (IRE)1,155.00
Alba Del Sole (IRE)1,154.40
Arctic Chief (GB)1,154.40
Erissimus Maximus (FR)1,154.40
Nibras Galaxy (IRE)1,154.40
Talas (IRE)1,154.40
Caledonian Gold (GB)1,153.15
Graceful James (IRE)1,146.56
Mosseyb (IRE)1,144.16
Walk On Walter (IRE)1,140.45
Tawaafoq (GB)1,136.94
Zambeasy (GB)1,133.98
Final Attack (IRE)1,132.90
Bronze Angel (IRE)1,131.60
Waiting For Richie (GB)1,131.60
Olympic Legend (IRE)1,130.85
Kamra (USA)1,122.51
Knockout Blow (GB)1,122.51
Best Example (USA)1,122.30
Queen of Connaught (GB)1,120.73
Duba Plains (GB)1,119.48
Awesome Rock (IRE)1,117.70
Aibell (IRE)1,116.50
Artarmon (IRE)1,116.50
Ateem (FR)1,116.50
Billy Ray (GB)1,116.50
Caspar The Cub (IRE)1,116.50
City Dreamer (IRE)1,116.50
Effervescence (IRE)1,116.50
Gleaming Sun (GB)1,116.50
Interlink (USA)1,116.50
Last Page (GB)1,116.50
Master Archer (IRE)1,116.50
Mississippi Miss (GB)1,116.50
Narcos (IRE)1,116.50
Playfull Spirit (GB)1,116.50
Rivendicato (GB)1,116.50
Scuzeme (GB)1,116.50
Sexy Beast (GB)1,116.50
Sleep Easy (GB)1,116.50
Slowfoot (GER)1,116.50
Suwaan (IRE)1,116.50
Wind Storm (GB)1,116.50
Yabass (IRE)1,116.50
Zamjar (GB)1,116.50
Night Spark (GER)1,115.92
Suprematism (USA)1,115.92
Taurean Gold (GB)1,115.92
Aragon Knight (GB)1,109.86
Angel In The Snow (GB)1,106.70
Borough Boy (IRE)1,106.70
Be Mindful (IRE)1,100.00
Caius College Girl (IRE)1,100.00
Dream Ally (IRE)1,100.00
Ember's Glow (GB)1,100.00
Galinthias (GB)1,100.00
Golden Eye (GB)1,100.00
Inshaa (GB)1,100.00
Irvine Lady (IRE)1,100.00
Thahab Ifraj (IRE)1,100.00
Storm Lightning (GB)1,098.46
Rattle On (GB)1,092.40
St James's Park (IRE)1,084.80
Amazing Red (IRE)1,084.45
Forceful Appeal (USA)1,084.45
Wink Oliver (GB)1,084.45
La Maquina (GB)1,082.75
Ronni Layne (GB)1,082.60
Poppy Line (GB)1,081.00
Remember Nerja (IRE)1,081.00
First Flight (IRE)1,078.70
G Eye Joe (GB)1,078.21
I'm A Believer (GB)1,077.44
Archetype (FR)1,076.00
Not So Sleepy (GB)1,076.00
Ouja (GB)1,076.00
Pirouette (GB)1,076.00
Vecheka (IRE)1,073.75
Quothquan (FR)1,071.80
Dragonite (IRE)1,070.00
Snow Excuse (GB)1,070.00
Daze Out (IRE)1,069.60
Logi (IRE)1,069.60
Jazz Affair (IRE)1,065.56
Ingleby Molly (IRE)1,063.01
Billy's Boots (GB)1,061.76
Chestnut Storm (IRE)1,061.76
Hornby (GB)1,061.76
John Caesar (IRE)1,061.76
Pharoh Jake (GB)1,061.76
Piazon (GB)1,061.76
Raise A Little Joy (GB)1,061.76
Lunar Mist (GB)1,060.75
Canadian George (FR)1,058.75
Lethal Angel (GB)1,058.20
Supernova (GB)1,058.20
Acrux (GB)1,056.95
Roman de Brut (IRE)1,054.16
Gothic Empire (IRE)1,048.73
Donjuan Triumphant (IRE)1,048.50
Kickboxer (IRE)1,046.53
Rock On Bertie (IRE)1,041.25
Highly Approved (IRE)1,039.50
Primo's Comet (GB)1,039.50
Raven Banner (IRE)1,039.50
Viking Way (IRE)1,039.50
Falcon's Vision (GB)1,038.96
Mystique Moon (GB)1,038.40
Hugie Boy (IRE)1,036.70
Eddiebet (GB)1,032.90
Lady Sophiebella (GB)1,032.90
Rose Tinted Spirit (GB)1,032.90
Our Kid (IRE)1,025.60
Manchego (GB)1,023.28
Economic Crisis (IRE)1,021.50
First Up (IRE)1,021.50
Rocket Ronnie (IRE)1,020.25
Betjeman (GB)1,019.72
Compass Hill (USA)1,019.72
Leahcar (GB)1,016.45
Undercover Brother (GB)1,015.68
Alaskan Bay (IRE)1,010.50
Escape The City (GB)1,010.10
Global Pass (GB)1,010.10
Move In Time (GB)1,000.48
Rozy Boys (GB)1,000.48
Anton Chigurh (GB)1,000.00
Circling Vultures (GB)1,000.00
Dr Julius No (GB)1,000.00
Gemologist (IRE)1,000.00
Light From Mars (GB)1,000.00
Lord Franklin (GB)1,000.00
Noble Ballad (GB)1,000.00
Prince Consort (IRE)1,000.00
Quebec (GB)1,000.00
Rightway (IRE)1,000.00
Sean O'Casey (IRE)1,000.00
Tess Graham (GB)1,000.00
Tisa River (IRE)1,000.00
Who Told Jo Jo (IRE)1,000.00
Annie Salts (GB)997.45
Wide Acclaim (IRE)996.44
Dolphin Vista (IRE)995.3
Wannabe Like You (GB)994.9
High Anxiety (GB)992.88
Expediate (GB)990.86
Falcon's Fire (IRE)987.83
Arch Gold (USA)986.05
Dashing Poet (GB)986.05
Ahfad (GB)984.8
Cape Peninsular (GB)982.13
Muthraab Aldaar (IRE)981.24
Fas Le Fios (IRE)978.98
Spiritofedinburgh (IRE)977.2
Arcanista (IRE)973.75
Brother In Arms (IRE)973.75
Termsnconditions (IRE)973.75
Quoteline Direct (GB)967.5
Abel Tasman (GB)962.5
Allante (IRE)962.5
Archie (IRE)962.5
Arden Pearl (IRE)962.5
Bajan Gold (IRE)962.5
Balgair (GB)962.5
Blame Culture (USA)962.5
Blue Candy (GB)962.5
Coolongolook (GB)962.5
Crack On Crack On (GB)962.5
Fintech (IRE)962.5
Groundfrost (IRE)962.5
Lashabeeh (IRE)962.5
Luminous (GB)962.5
Maaward (IRE)962.5
Majboor (IRE)962.5
Masked Defender (USA)962.5
Masters Apprentice (IRE)962.5
Maypole (GB)962.5
Mr Gent (IRE)962.5
Podemos (GER)962.5
Returning Glory (GB)962.5
Salute The Soldier (GER)962.5
Sod's Law (GB)962.5
Our Kim (IRE)962.4
Directory (GB)962
Gerry The Glover (IRE)962
Jamaican Jill (GB)962
Kitty Boo (GB)962
Mutanaqel (GB)962
Perfection (GB)962
Portledge (IRE)962
Qianlong (GB)962
Secret Art (IRE)962
Shady McCoy (USA)962
Vikivaki (USA)962
Point North (IRE)954.16
Dream Free (GB)953.15
Poyle Thomas (GB)948.73
Global Wonder (IRE)940.5
Sterling Silva (IRE)940.5
Ayr Of Elegance (GB)939.73
Lozah (GB)936.7
St Patrick's Day (IRE)936.7
Bohemian Rhapsody (IRE)933.56
Brandon Castle (GB)932
Cartographer (GB)932
El Torito (IRE)930.11
Peak Hill (GB)929.1
Tynecastle Park (GB)928.8
Aye Aye Skipper (IRE)924
Braemar (GB)924
Breslin (GB)924
Cantabro (FR)924
Coastal Drive (GB)924
Dance Rock (GB)924
Dolydaydream (GB)924
Downtown Diva (IRE)924
Elysee Star (GB)924
Evanescent (IRE)924
John Honeyman (IRE)924
Lord Rob (GB)924
Minute Mile (IRE)924
Peggy's Angel (GB)924
Secret Memories (IRE)924
Solveig's Song (GB)924
Spoken Words (GB)924
Stuccodor (IRE)924
Temasek Star (IRE)924
Unblinking (GB)924
Helium (FR)919.48
Rajapur (GB)916.45
El Principe (GB)914.37
Whispering Sands (IRE)913.9
Amadeus (IRE)909.86
Lanjano (GB)909.86
Bertie Blu Boy (GB)900
Bold Prediction (IRE)900
Camino (GB)900
Crindle Carr (IRE)900
Dream Farr (IRE)900
Echo Brava (GB)900
Feel The Vibes (GB)900
Fortinbrass (IRE)900
Greeneyedafghan (GB)900
Haveoneyerself (IRE)900
Hollywood Dream (GB)900
Ocean Side (GB)900
Polar Forest (GB)900
Popsilca (GB)900
Rusty Blade (IRE)900
Secret Asset (IRE)900
Something Brewing (FR)900
Stoneboat Bill (GB)900
Elysian Fields (GR)896.8
Zafayan (IRE)896.8
Showboating (IRE)892.6
Henry Grace (IRE)892.4
Salty Sugar (GB)892.4
Spitfire Limited (GB)890.22
Mustaaqeem (USA)887.5
Jukebox Jive (FR)885.4
Leader Writer (FR)885.4
Yamarhaba Malayeen (IRE)884.63
Island Court (IRE)880.23
Musbaq (USA)878.98
Lady Sandy (IRE)868.35
Banta Bay (GB)866.25
Brigham Young (GB)866.25
Comrade In Arms (USA)866.25
Dibloam (USA)866.25
Dotted Swiss (IRE)866.25
Escalator (GB)866.25
Exclusive Waters (IRE)866.25
Gaudi (IRE)866.25
Key Player (GB)866.25
Miss Blondell (GB)866.25
Miss Liguria (GB)866.25
Ominotago (GB)866.25
Oskemen (GB)866.25
Ostilio (GB)866.25
Past Master (GB)866.25
Spinnaka (IRE)866.25
Sweet Charity (GB)865.8
Displaying Amber (GB)861.76
Say About It (GB)861.76
Semana Santa (GB)861.76
Westfield Wonder (GB)861.76
Bounderby (GB)857.96
Caledonia Laird (GB)857.96
El Borracho (IRE)857.96
Essenaitch (IRE)857.96
Laqab (IRE)857.96
Mearing (GB)857.96
Paddys Runner (GB)857.96
Percy Thrower (IRE)857.96
Silvanus (IRE)857.96
Smugglers Creek (IRE)857.96
Socialites Red (GB)857.96
Reine des Miracles (GB)856.18
Daring Guest (IRE)848.34
Teaser (GB)846.56
Blastofmagic (GB)842.1
Bond Bombshell (GB)842.1
Why Me (GB)842.1
Rock Warbler (IRE)841.75
Evince (GB)836.94
Glorious Player (IRE)836.94
River Glades (GB)836.94
Sugar Beach (FR)832.9
Chester Street (GB)822.51
Mayfair Rock (IRE)822.51
Pennsylvania Dutch (GB)822.51
Rubensian (GB)822.51
Woody Bay (GB)822.51
Boomerang Betty (IRE)819.48
Cool Baby (GB)819.48
Fortunate Vision (GB)817.7
Life of Luxury (GB)816.45
Queen of Kalahari (GB)811.26
Sandra's Secret (IRE)811.26
Beloved Knight (GB)809.86
Gee Sixty Six (GB)809.86
Give Us A Belle (IRE)809.86
Capla Jaipur (GB)808.08
Medicean El Diablo (GB)808.08
True Calling (GB)808.08
Almanack (GB)800
Freddy With A Y (IRE)800
Gloriux (GB)800
Gowing Gowing Gone (IRE)800
Kath's Boy (IRE)800
Kay Sera (GB)800
Majestic Stone (IRE)800
Pipers Piping (IRE)800
General Jack (IRE)798.46
Beatisa (GB)793.65
Lambrini Legacy (GB)792.4
Kachumba (GB)781
Life Knowledge (IRE)781
Little Palaver (GB)781
Rely On Me (IRE)781
Stoic Boy (GB)781
Venetian Proposal (IRE)781
William Hunter (GB)781
Zlatan (IRE)781
Call Dawn (GB)770
Crystal Casque (GB)770
Desert Song (GB)770
Dubaitwentytwenty (GB)770
Epsom Secret (GB)770
Exec Chef (IRE)770
Fascinator (GB)770
Kroy (GB)770
Lady of York (GB)770
Rebel State (IRE)770
Savaanah (IRE)770
Sky Rocket (GB)770
Admissible (GB)769.6
Ariena (IRE)769.6
Atticus Boy (IRE)769.6
Ixelles Diamond (IRE)769.6
Jungle Room (USA)769.6
Kaaba Stone (IRE)769.6
Livella Fella (IRE)769.6
Manaahil (GB)769.6
See The Sun (GB)769.6
Connemera Queen (GB)768.35
Rose of Shiraz (GB)768.35
Garcon de Soleil (GB)764.16
Whispering Soul (IRE)764.16
Bartholomew J (IRE)761.76
Bollihope (GB)761.76
Dubai Landmark (IRE)761.76
Heron (USA)761.76
New Street (IRE)761.76
Pastoral Dreams (GB)761.76
Rahmah (IRE)761.76
Tigerwolf (IRE)761.76
Dream For Life (GB)759.98
Aussie Reigns (IRE)758.5
Johnny Cavagin (GB)752.14
Jameerah (GB)749.5
Kodiline (IRE)748.73
Scottish Glen (GB)748.73
Fabella Bere (FR)747.33
Toy Theatre (GB)742.7
Galilee Chapel (IRE)740.74
Mischievous Rock (GB)736.7
Voi (GB)731.6
Laubali (GB)726.31
Baz (FR)723.28
Havana Beat (IRE)723.28
Future Score (IRE)721.5
Gilgamesh (GB)721.5
Launceston Place (FR)721.5
Lewinsky (IRE)721.5
Michele Strogoff (GB)721.5
Ocala (GB)721.5
Tally's Song (GB)721.5
Zac Brown (IRE)721.5
Ming Dynasty (FR)716.75
Di's Pride (GB)711.88
Ttmab (GB)711.88
Sound And Silence (GB)708
Blue de Vega (GER)705
Rare Groove (IRE)704.55
Bahamian Bird (GB)702.26
Arcadian Sea (IRE)700
Aspasius (GER)700
Ben My Chree (GB)700
Bouclier (IRE)700
Camakasi (IRE)700
Chasing Diamonds (GB)700
Curious Fox (GB)700
Father McKenzie (GB)700
Fly True (GB)700
Flying Power (GB)700
Gunnar Julius (USA)700
Henry Croft (GB)700
High Seas (IRE)700
Jampower (GB)700
Jonnysimpson (IRE)700
Kadrizzi (FR)700
Madakheel (USA)700
Medieval Bishop (IRE)700
Mishaal (IRE)700
Ok By Me (IRE)700
Olive Mabel (GB)700
Pegi Browne (IRE)700
Rebel Sky (GB)700
Red Shanghai (IRE)700
Rosedale Topping (IRE)700
Santafiora (GB)700
Storm Doris (IRE)700
Straight Ash (IRE)700
Travis Bickle (IRE)700
W G Grace (IRE)700
What Do You Think (IRE)700
Whispering Wolf (GB)700
Dontforgettocall (GB)697.45
Monteverdi (FR)697.45
Mrs Benson (IRE)697.45
Nutini (IRE)697.45
Tetradrachm (GB)697.45
Tiercel (GB)697.45
Tropical Rock (GB)697.45
Divine Call (GB)684.8
Everkyllachy (IRE)684.8
Greenview Paradise (IRE)684.8
Highway Robber (GB)684.8
Mistress Viz (IRE)684.8
Paco Filly (GB)684.8
La Sioux (IRE)678.98
Zadorra (IRE)678.98
Urban Spirit (IRE)678.21
Ding Ding (GB)673.75
Isntshesomething (GB)673.75
Kohinoor Diamond (IRE)673.75
Mister Showman (GB)673.75
Mr Large (IRE)673.75
Ocean Voyage (IRE)673.75
Oh So Dandy (IRE)673.75
Palindrome (USA)673.75
Sioux Frontier (IRE)673.75
Suitsus (GB)673.75
Trois Bon Amis (IRE)673.75
Your Gifted (IRE)673.75
Barig Al Thumama (GB)673.4
Crotchet (GB)673.4
Deadly Reel (IRE)673.4
Harbour Vision (GB)673.4
Image (GB)673.4
It's A Wish (GB)673.4
Midnight Guest (IRE)673.4
Revolutionary Man (IRE)673.4
Sheila's Rock (IRE)673.4
Llamrei (GB)665.56
La Goulue (GB)660.75
Lady Jayne (IRE)652.45
Ejabah (IRE)649.35
Albert Boy (IRE)643.92
Royal Holiday (IRE)643.92
Mowhoob (GB)642
The Lincoln Lawyer (GB)641.05
Barista (IRE)636.7
Black Medusa (IRE)636.7
Pentito Rap (USA)636.7
Up Ten Down Two (IRE)636.7
William Booth (IRE)636.7
Bobby Vee (GB)630.11
Mamnoon (IRE)630.11
Pastamakesufaster (GB)629
Enzo's Lad (IRE)627.71
Rogue Hero (IRE)625.3
She's Royal (GB)625.3
Swing Out Sister (IRE)625.3
Wordiness (GB)625.3
Archive (FR)615.68
Maulesden May (IRE)615.68
Saved By The Bell (IRE)615.68
Starboy (IRE)615.68
Connecticut (GB)607.5
Lansky (IRE)607.5
Shining Valley (IRE)601.25
Abushamah (IRE)600
Admirable Art (IRE)600
Alaska (IRE)600
Astroblaze (GB)600
Blackthorn Stick (IRE)600
Bob Maxwell (IRE)600
Can Can Dream (GB)600
Clearance (GB)600
Cobalty Isle (IRE)600
Dreams of Glory (GB)600
Enola (IRE)600
Epicurious (IRE)600
Eurato (FR)600
Free Talkin (GB)600
Go Charlie (GB)600
Golden Nectar (GB)600
Guards Chapel (GB)600
Hackbridge (GB)600
Helfire (GB)600
Highland Pass (GB)600
Hugoigo (GB)600
Ipcress File (GB)600
Kaylen's Mischief (GB)600
King Crimson (GB)600
Kwikstep (GB)600
Kylie Style (GB)600
L'Inganno Felice (FR)600
Lady Clitico (IRE)600
Last Chance Paddy (USA)600
Lastoneforthecraic (IRE)600
License To Thrill (USA)600
Loving Your Work (GB)600
Magic Approach (GB)600
Mangata (FR)600
Merdon Castle (IRE)600
Metronomic (IRE)600
Milord (GER)600
Mime Dance (GB)600
Miss Danby (IRE)600
Morache Music (GB)600
Mossgo (IRE)600
Mr Frankie (GB)600
Multellie (GB)600
Musico (IRE)600
My Renaissance (GB)600
Night Generation (GER)600
Night Shadow (GB)600
Pammi (GB)600
Passing Star (GB)600
Quadriga (IRE)600
River Dart (IRE)600
River Rule (GB)600
Roy Rocket (FR)600
Royal Wave (GB)600
Running Wolf (IRE)600
Saved My Bacon (IRE)600
Seaview (GB)600
Spike's Princess (IRE)600
Spiritual Star (IRE)600
Stonific (IRE)600
Sword of The Lord (GB)600
Takbeer (IRE)600
The Hooded Claw (IRE)600
Three's A Crowd (IRE)600
Topalova (GB)600
Tred Softly (IRE)600
Vimy Ridge (GB)600
Warofindependence (USA)600
Wild Acclaim (IRE)600
D'Waterside (GB)592.4
Luduamf (IRE)592.4
Short Head (GER)588.6
Storm King (GB)582
Working Together (GB)578.98
Flying Sakhee (GB)577.5
Be Be King (IRE)577.2
Compton Brave (GB)577.2
Dhalam (USA)577.2
Dragstone Rock (IRE)577.2
Dubstep (GB)577.2
Harbour Pilot (GB)577.2
Holy Heart (IRE)577.2
Holy Shambles (IRE)577.2
Usseglio (GB)577.2
Corporal Maddox (GB)568.35
Dutch Coed (GB)567.58
Stormin Tom (IRE)566.4
Allleedsaren'twe (GB)557.96
Amplification (USA)557.96
Ascot Week (USA)557.96
Brockholes (GB)557.96
Chloris (GB)557.96
Cross Swords (GB)557.96
Deolali (GB)557.96
Dieulefit (IRE)557.96
Dream Point (IRE)557.96
Elliot The Dragon (IRE)557.96
Fieldsman (USA)557.96
Frozen Bere (FR)557.96
Furze Lady (GB)557.96
Global Art (GB)557.96
Global Excel (GB)557.96
Hazamar (IRE)557.96
Hippeia (IRE)557.96
Island Cloud (GB)557.96
Jack Nevison (GB)557.96
Jumeirah Street (USA)557.96
Kings Full (IRE)557.96
L'Age d'Or (GB)557.96
New Empire (GB)557.96
Nordic Flight (GB)557.96
Presidential (IRE)557.96
Queen of Desire (IRE)557.96
Raaqyah (USA)557.96
Rantan (IRE)557.96
Rocking Rudolph (USA)557.96
Rocky Shores (IRE)557.96
Sallab (IRE)557.96
Samarmadi (GB)557.96
Shanghai Elastic (GB)557.96
Sir Fred (IRE)557.96
Sketching (GB)557.96
Skirrid Hill (GB)557.96
Stapleford (GB)557.96
Swansway (GB)557.96
Tivra (IRE)557.96
Yayoon (GB)557.96
Yensir (GB)557.96
Yorkshiredebut (IRE)557.96
About Glory (GB)553.15
Nelson's Hill (GB)553.15
Bertiewhittle (GB)542.8
Road To Dubai (IRE)542.8
Beautiful Artist (USA)540.5
Come With Me (GB)540.5
Wilfred Owen (GB)540.5
Astronomy's Choice (GB)540
Pacharana (GB)540
Rinaria (IRE)540
Stormy Antarctic (GB)540
Is It Off (IRE)535
Creel (GB)529.1
Singular Quest (GB)529.1
Ulster (IRE)529.1
Ballynarry Lady (IRE)519.48
Bustam (IRE)519.48
Kiwi Bay (GB)519.48
Majestic Man (IRE)519.48
Smooth Operator (GB)519.48
Ginger Lady (IRE)516.45
Hellavashock (GB)516.45
Luxford (GB)516.45
Metkaif (GB)516.45
Sir Gnet (IRE)516.45
Song of Love (IRE)516.45
Optimickstickhill (GB)512.4
Forricherforpoorer (IRE)509.86
Sexy Secret (GB)509.86
Ace Master (GB)505.05
Apricot Sky (GB)505.05
Blue Havana (IRE)505.05
Arthenia (IRE)500.24
Grandad Chunk (IRE)500.24
Lexington Place (GB)500.24
Spring Loaded (IRE)499.5
Alligator (GB)492.4
Sigrid Nansen (GB)492.4
Balletomane (GB)481
Blessed To Empress (IRE)481
Ceilidhs Dream (GB)481
Crumblecreek (IRE)481
Don't Blame Me (GB)481
Employer (IRE)481
Forever Yours (IRE)481
Gorham's Cave (GB)481
Grand Myla (IRE)481
I Can (IRE)481
Inexes (GB)481
Jive Talking (IRE)481
Lightning Charlie (GB)481
Look Surprised (GB)481
Manomine (GB)481
Mekong (GB)481
Militia (GB)481
Mio Ragazzo (GB)481
My Boy Sepoy (GB)481
Powerful Dream (IRE)481
Robin Weathers (USA)481
Sir Commander (IRE)481
Siyahamba (IRE)481
Stylehunter (GB)481
Tranquil Soul (GB)481
Tullyallen (IRE)481
U S S Missouri (USA)481
Uptown Funk (IRE)481
Whitecrest (GB)481
Sir Ottoman (FR)475.5
Lady Joanna Vassa (IRE)468.35
Vivat Rex (IRE)468.35
Polybius (GB)466
Fortune And Glory (USA)461.76
Heptathlete (IRE)461.76
Lily Ash (IRE)461.76
Monsieur Mel (GB)461.76
Multiviz (GB)461.76
Raven's Raft (IRE)461.76
Red Douglas (GB)461.76
Sea The Waves (GB)461.76
Sky Gypsy (GB)461.76
Street Sensation (IRE)461.76
Templemary Boy (IRE)461.76
The Juggler (GB)461.76
Charleston Belle (GB)456.95
Cosmic Chatter (GB)456.95
Cadeau Magnifique (GB)452.14
Kwanza (GB)452.14
Wishing Well (GB)452.14
Belgian Bill (GB)446.5
Golden Birthday (FR)446.5
Ickymasho (GB)446.5
Port Douglas (IRE)446.5
Sandro Botticelli (IRE)446.5
Boite (IRE)442.7
Alpine Peak (USA)432.9
Deep Resolve (IRE)432.9
First Bombardment (GB)432.9
Geoff Potts (IRE)432.9
Gnaad (IRE)432.9
Grace's Secret (GB)432.9
Highly Sprung (IRE)432.9
Hope And Glory (IRE)432.9
Il Primo Sole (GB)432.9
Millie's Kiss (GB)432.9
Miss Uppity (GB)432.9
Nellie's Dancer (GB)432.9
Not After Midnight (IRE)432.9
Off Art (GB)432.9
Percys Princess (GB)432.9
Perfect Blue (IRE)432.9
Scandaleuse (USA)432.9
Servo (IRE)432.9
Silver Dixie (USA)432.9
Strawberryandcream (GB)432.9
Stylish Dancer (GB)432.9
Thistimelastyear (GB)432.9
Rockies Spirit (GB)423.28
Silverturnstogold (GB)423.28
Wapping (USA)423.28
Buccaneers Vault (IRE)411.26
Sea Tide (GB)411.26
Silver Quay (IRE)411.26
Travelcard (USA)411.26
Kikini Bamalaam (IRE)411.25
Austin Powers (IRE)408.85
Elysees Palace (GB)404.04
The Third Man (GB)404.04
All For The Best (IRE)400
Argon (GB)400
Argyle (IRE)400
Badenscoth (GB)400
Boniface (IRE)400
Channel Packet (GB)400
Classic Charm (GB)400
Darebin (GER)400
David's Beauty (IRE)400
Desert Ace (IRE)400
Desktop (GB)400
Dragons Voice (GB)400
Ede's A Winner (GB)400
Eponina (IRE)400
Esprit de Corps (GB)400
Feragust (GB)400
Fethiye Boy (GB)400
Filudo (FR)400
Framley Garth (IRE)400
Freedom Fighter (IRE)400
Genuine Approval (IRE)400
Griffin Street (GB)400
Haxby Juniors (GB)400
Helis (FR)400
Hello My Sunshine (GB)400
Hill Fort (GB)400
I'm Right On Time (GB)400
Imbucato (GB)400
Jai Hanuman (IRE)400
Just Heather (IRE)400
Kerre (IRE)400
La Isla Bonita (GB)400
Lassana Angel (GB)400
Legalized (GB)400
Lightly Squeeze (GB)400
Little Nosegay (IRE)400
Lucky Violet (IRE)400
Mamillius (GB)400
Mandarin Princess (GB)400
Merry Banter (GB)400
Miningrocks (FR)400
Mister Fizz (GB)400
Mo Henry (GB)400
Navajo Grey (IRE)400
Noreena (GB)400
Norwegian Reward (IRE)400
Our Greta (IRE)400
Overhaugh Street (GB)400
Percy Verence (GB)400
Poppyinthepark (GB)400
Powerful Rose (GB)400
Prancing Oscar (IRE)400
Professor (GB)400
Revenge (GB)400
Rial (IRE)400
Ronnie The Rooster (GB)400
Ruby's Gem (GB)400
Scoones (GB)400
Section Onesixsix (IRE)400
Shamonix (IRE)400
She's Zoff (IRE)400
Shudbeme (GB)400
Shufoog (GB)400
Simmo's Partytrick (IRE)400
Society Ranger (IRE)400
Spirit of Zebedee (IRE)400
Star Links (USA)400
Stark Reality (IRE)400
Status Quo (IRE)400
Still Got It (GB)400
Sunset Bounty (GB)400
Supersymmetry (IRE)400
Tingo In The Tale (IRE)400
Tommy Boy (GB)400
Too Many Diamonds (IRE)400
Toohottotouch (GB)400
Trautmann (IRE)400
Tyrsal (IRE)400
War of Succession (GB)400
Wilde Oscar (IRE)400
Wynfaul The Wizard (USA)400
Arigato (GB)384.8
Billy Bond (GB)384.8
Blame Me Forever (USA)384.8
Blue Mist (GB)384.8
Bonnie Gals (GB)384.8
Canford Bay (IRE)384.8
Casemates Square (IRE)384.8
Chillililli (GB)384.8
Darkolva (IRE)384.8
Dirayah (IRE)384.8
Edge (IRE)384.8
Expelled (GB)384.8
Foxrush Take Time (FR)384.8
Go Fox (GB)384.8
Icart Point (GB)384.8
Jaalboot (GB)384.8
Katabatika (GB)384.8
Llewellyn (GB)384.8
Maggie Pink (GB)384.8
Master of Heaven (GB)384.8
Munfallet (IRE)384.8
Musaahim (USA)384.8
Peggie Sue (GB)384.8
Q Cee (GB)384.8
Round The Island (GB)384.8
Torch (GB)384.8
Weardiditallgorong (GB)384.8
Zarjaz (USA)384.8
I Should Coco (GB)377.6
Always Resolute (GB)360.75
Edgar Balthazar (GB)360.75
Penny Pot Lane (GB)360.75
Barracuda Boy (IRE)352.5
Jacquard (IRE)351.13
To Wafij (IRE)351
Cashla Bay (GB)348.73
Intense Style (IRE)348.73
Paris Protocol (GB)348.73
Parnassian (IRE)348.73
Al's Memory (IRE)336.7
Anastazia (GB)336.7
Any Little Rhyme (GB)336.7
Bumble Bay (GB)336.7
Chelwood Gate (IRE)336.7
Dollar Value (USA)336.7
Filbert Street (GB)336.7
Gatillo (GB)336.7
Ghayadh (GB)336.7
Havana Mariposa (GB)336.7
Hurricane Lil (IRE)336.7
I'm Running Late (GB)336.7
Iniesta (IRE)336.7
Innstigator (GB)336.7
Irish Sky (IRE)336.7
Light Up Dubai (GB)336.7
Master of Song (GB)336.7
Miss Bates (GB)336.7
Monsieur Royale (GB)336.7
Musical Theatre (GB)336.7
Our Place In Loule (GB)336.7
Racing Angel (IRE)336.7
Sarabi (GB)336.7
Silver Character (IRE)336.7
The Big Lad (GB)336.7
Tonkolili (IRE)336.7
Top Diktat (GB)336.7
Treagus (GB)336.7
Very First Blade (GB)336.7
Wintour Leap (GB)336.7
Kodicat (IRE)327.08
Imperial Act (GB)317.46
Cracker Factory (GB)312.65
May Remain (GB)312.65
Artful Rogue (IRE)307.84
Ce La Vie (GB)307.84
Milton Road (GB)307.84
Penistone (GB)307.84
Phoenix Lightning (IRE)307.84
Stirling Value (GB)307.84
Absolutely Awesome (GB)300
Acclaim The Nation (IRE)300
Ad Libitum (GB)300
Affair (GB)300
Aiglette (GB)300
Akavit (IRE)300
All Or Nothin (IRE)300
Almutamarred (USA)300
Amadeus Rox (FR)300
Amanto (GER)300
Amenhotepthethird (GB)300
Amenta (IRE)300
Amood (IRE)300
Andalusite (GB)300
Anne's Valentino (GB)300
Appenzeller (USA)300
Aristocles (IRE)300
Art Obsession (IRE)300
Astrofire (GB)300
At Your Service (GB)300
Bahamian Dollar (GB)300
Baileys Excel (GB)300
Banjo's Voice (GB)300
Banksy's Art (GB)300
Barca (USA)300
Bassino (USA)300
Bataka (GB)300
Beaming (GB)300
Beau Mistral (IRE)300
Becca Campbell (IRE)300
Benissimo (IRE)300
Bib And Tucker (GB)300
Billy Star (GB)300
Billyfairplay (IRE)300
Bingo George (IRE)300
Bonjour Steve (GB)300
Boots And Spurs (GB)300
Bosham (GB)300
Bostonian (GB)300
Bracken Brae (GB)300
Braes of Lochalsh (GB)300
Briyouni (FR)300
Broadway Dreams (GB)300
Busy Street (GB)300
Butoolat (GB)300
Buyer Beware (IRE)300
Cabal (GB)300
Cadeaux Boxer (GB)300
Caesar's Comet (IRE)300
Camacho Dancer (IRE)300
Canyon City (GB)300
Captain Scooby (GB)300
Captor (GB)300
Caramuru (IRE)300
Ce de Nullis (IRE)300
Charlie Chaplin (GER)300
Cherbourg (FR)300
Chosen Character (IRE)300
Clever Divya (GB)300
Cold Fire (IRE)300
Corton Lad (GB)300
Courteous Crown (GB)300
Craggaknock (GB)300
Cricklewood Green (USA)300
Cry Wolf (GB)300
Dalasiri (IRE)300
Dame Nellie (GB)300
Dandy Highwayman (IRE)300
Daydream (IRE)300
Double Reflection (GB)300
Ease The Jets (GB)300
Elusive Cowboy (USA)300
Elysian Prince (GB)300
Emily Goldfinch (GB)300
Empresario (IRE)300
Encapsulated (GB)300
Enmeshing (GB)300
Enzo (IRE)300
Equally Fast (GB)300
Equilibrium (GB)300
Ettie Hart (IRE)300
Executive Force (GB)300
Exspectation (IRE)300
Eye On You (IRE)300
Fair Selene (GB)300
Fairy Mist (IRE)300
Fiftyshadesofgrey (IRE)300
Fighting Temeraire (IRE)300
Filament of Gold (USA)300
Fillydelphia (IRE)300
Fire Palace (GB)300
Five Star Frank (GB)300
Foie Gras (GB)300
Following Breeze (IRE)300
Fool To Cry (IRE)300
Forestry (GB)300
Four Mile Beach (GB)300
Frangarry (IRE)300
Frantical (GB)300
Freewheel (IRE)300
Gabrial The Thug (FR)300
Gannicus (GB)300
Garsington (GB)300
Gealach Ghorm (IRE)300
General Allenby (GB)300
Genres (GB)300
German Whip (GB)300
Global Rose (IRE)300
Glorious Asset (GB)300
Golconda Prince (IRE)300
Gold Flash (GB)300
Golden Cannon (GB)300
Golden Guide (GB)300
Golly Miss Molly (GB)300
Goodbye Lulu (IRE)300
Graffitista (IRE)300
Grey Diamond (GB)300
Harbour Force (FR)300
Harry Beau (GB)300
Harvest Ranger (GB)300
Hateya (IRE)300
Haven's View (GB)300
Hazy Manor (IRE)300
He's Our Star (IRE)300
Head Space (IRE)300
Herminio (FR)300
Hidden Oasis (IRE)300
High Acclaim (USA)300
High Kicker (IRE)300
High Susie (IRE)300
Hitman (GB)300
Holy Tiber (IRE)300
Howardian Hills (IRE)300
Iconic Boy (GB)300
Ifwecan (GB)300
Illustrissime (USA)300
Immortal Romance (IRE)300
Imperial Red (IRE)300
Inch Pincher (GB)300
Indian Chief (IRE)300
Inflexiball (GB)300
Interchoice Star (GB)300
Iron Ryan (FR)300
Jacbequick (GB)300
Jacob's Pillow (GB)300
Jaffar (GB)300
Jalingo (IRE)300
Jamacho (GB)300
Jamhoori (GB)300
Jan Smuts (IRE)300
Jasi (IRE)300
Jersey Jewel (FR)300
Joycetick (FR)300
Just Us Two (IRE)300
Kaaber (USA)300
Katheefa (USA)300
Kentuckyconnection (USA)300
Keynote (IRE)300
Kilbaha Lady (IRE)300
Kimene (GB)300
Kings Academy (GB)300
Kingsley Klarion (IRE)300
Knockamany Bends (IRE)300
Kristal Hart (GB)300
Kyllach Me (IRE)300
L'Es Fremantle (FR)300
Ladurelli (IRE)300
Lady Maldiva (IRE)300
Lady Morel (IRE)300
Laith Alareen (GB)300
Lava Light (GB)300
Leeshaan (IRE)300
Lexington Times (IRE)300
Little Aub (GB)300
London Grammar (IRE)300
Love Candy (IRE)300
Lucata (IRE)300
Luis Vaz de Torres (IRE)300
Madame Claud (GB)300
Majeste (GB)300
Majrooh (IRE)300
Make Good (IRE)300
Make On Madam (IRE)300
Makhfar (IRE)300
Marmion (GB)300
Marseille (IRE)300
Mazalto (IRE)300
Merhoob (IRE)300
Meshardal (GER)300
Miami Sunset (GB)300
Millen Dollar Man (IRE)300
Millybond (GB)300
Miss Mollie (GB)300
Moi Aussie (GB)300
Mostashreqah (GB)300
Movie Magic (GB)300
Mr Snoozy (GB)300
Mr Strutter (IRE)300
Mr Sundowner (USA)300
Mr Wing (IRE)300
Mrs Hitchcock (IRE)300
Munsarim (IRE)300
Musharrif (GB)300
Mysterious Glance (GB)300
Natajack (GB)300
Native Soldier (IRE)300
Ninjago (GB)300
Nobel Duke (IRE)300
Normandy Blue (GB)300
North Bay Sunrise (IRE)300
Nouvelle Ere (GB)300
Nuzha (GB)300
Ocean Bentley (IRE)300
Oor Jock (IRE)300
Orchid Lily (GB)300
Orient Class (GB)300
Out of The Ashes (GB)300
Outback Blue (GB)300
Outside Inside (IRE)300
Pack It In (IRE)300
Paco Style (GB)300
Pact of Steel (GB)300
Patty Patch (GB)300
Pearl Castle (IRE)300
Picket Line (GB)300
Pivotman (GB)300
Planetoid (IRE)300
Play With Me (GB)300
Poetic Steps (FR)300
Port Lairge (GB)300
Potters Lady Jane (GB)300
Precious Plum (GB)300
Presumido (IRE)300
Pretty Pearl (GB)300
Pumaflor (IRE)300
Quay Point (IRE)300
Ragstone Sand (IRE)300
Red Alert (GB)300
Repton (IRE)300
Right About Now (IRE)300
Rita's Man (IRE)300
Roaring Forties (IRE)300
Robben Rainbow (GB)300
Robbie Roo Roo (GB)300
Rocksette (GB)300
Rosie Hall (IRE)300
Royal Brave (IRE)300
Royal Liberty (GB)300
Ruby Gates (IRE)300
Ruled By The Moon (GB)300
Runthatbymeagain (IRE)300
Sadhbh (IRE)300
Saint Helena (IRE)300
Sammy's Choice (GB)300
Sanam (GB)300
Sandacres (GB)300
Saxo Jack (FR)300
Sea's Aria (IRE)300
Secret Glance (GB)300
Shankara (IRE)300
Shyjack (GB)300
Silver Mountain (GB)300
Single Estate (GB)300
Sir Reginald Brown (GB)300
Sisania (IRE)300
Sitsi (GB)300
Skito Soldier (GB)300
Smart Mover (IRE)300
Smokethatthunders (IRE)300
Space War (GB)300
Spes Nostra (GB)300
St Andrews (IRE)300
Stand Guard (GB)300
Star of The Stage (GB)300
Stipulate (GB)300
Suni Dancer (GB)300
Sunnyside Bob (IRE)300
Surewhynot (IRE)300
Sussex Ranger (USA)300
Take This Waltz (GB)300
Taste The Salt (IRE)300
Tee It Up Tommo (IRE)300
Tenby Two (GB)300
Thatsthewaytodoit (IRE)300
The Foozler (GB)300
The Secrets Out (GB)300
Three C's (IRE)300
Three Majors (IRE)300
Three Star General (GB)300
Time Stands Still (GB)300
Tina Teaspoon (GB)300
Tink (GB)300
Tobacco Road (IRE)300
Tor (GB)300
Traditional Dancer (IRE)300
Travellers Joy (GB)300
Trogon (IRE)300
True Ballew (IRE)300
Trust Me Boy (GB)300
Tundra (GB)300
Turnbury (GB)300
Twiggy (GB)300
Valitop (GB)300
Van Gerwen (GB)300
Velvet Voice (GB)300
Venutius (GB)300
Vercingetorix (IRE)300
Verstappen (IRE)300
Vincenzo Coccotti (USA)300
Voice of Dubai (GB)300
Wardy (IRE)300
Waseem Faris (IRE)300
What A Scorcher (GB)300
Wootyhoot (FR)300
Yasir (USA)300
Youre Always Right (IRE)300
Zebulon (IRE)300
Zeshov (IRE)300
Zone In (GB)300
Rickyroadboy (GB)298.22
Calling Rio (IRE)293.41
Naval Officer (GB)293.41
Clowance One (GB)292.5
Frenzified (GB)292.5
Swashbuckle (GB)292.5
Always Thankful (GB)288.6
Ask The Dude (IRE)288.6
Chess Move (IRE)288.6
Ghost Serge (IRE)288.6
Indiana Dawn (GB)288.6
Insomniac (IRE)288.6
Legal Mind (GB)288.6
Quality Seeker (USA)288.6
Realpolitik (IRE)288.6
Sumner Beach (GB)288.6
Ventura Magic (GB)288.6
Servilia (GB)283.79
Philba (GB)279.6
Aegean Bounty (IRE)278.98
Betancourt (IRE)278.98
Bright Saffron (GB)278.98
Coralie (IRE)278.98
Dalileo (IRE)278.98
Dono di Dio (GB)278.98
Elysees (IRE)278.98
Faadhel (GER)278.98
Finisher (USA)278.98
Firlinfeu (GB)278.98
Flirtare (IRE)278.98
King Tut (USA)278.98
Kodina (GB)278.98
Lucky Lover Boy (IRE)278.98
Luola (GB)278.98
Mood For Mischief (GB)278.98
Nafaayes (IRE)278.98
New Rhythm (GB)278.98
Q Twenty Boy (IRE)278.98
Qassem (IRE)278.98
Rose Sapphire (USA)278.98
Sandytown (IRE)278.98
Shanghai Silver (IRE)278.98
Swordcraft (IRE)278.98
Turn of Luck (IRE)278.98
Zenith One (IRE)278.98
Perfect Cracker (GB)270.25
Lucky Lucky Man (IRE)259.74
Altiko Tommy (IRE)240.5
Andys Girl (IRE)240.5
Blue Reflection (GB)240.5
Bombshell Bay (GB)240.5
Caradoc (IRE)240.5
Catoca (USA)240.5
Characterized (GB)240.5
Color Force (IRE)240.5
Coroberee (IRE)240.5
Daffrah (GB)240.5
Desert Path (GB)240.5
Diamond Bear (USA)240.5
Fenisa's Hook (GB)240.5
Field of Vision (IRE)240.5
Hi Ho Silver (GB)240.5
Inglorious (GB)240.5
Jahaafel (FR)240.5
Just Surprise Me (IRE)240.5
Linda Doris (IRE)240.5
Middle Creek (GB)240.5
Misty Spirit (GB)240.5
Mitcd (IRE)240.5
Moremoneymoreparty (IRE)240.5
Mundersfield (GB)240.5
Nevalyashka (GB)240.5
Pas de Blanc (GB)240.5
Pass The Cristal (IRE)240.5
Qayed (CAN)240.5
Racehorse (GB)240.5
Racing Country (IRE)240.5
Royal Residence (GB)240.5
Shaella (IRE)240.5
Sleeping Lion (USA)240.5
Sun Maiden (GB)240.5
Tarnhelm (GB)240.5
Urbino (GB)240.5
Battersea (GB)234
Love Dreams (IRE)234
Normandie Lady (GB)234
Salateen (GB)234
Top Boy (GB)233
Get Even (GB)230.88
Looking For Carl (GB)230.88
Nautica (IRE)230.88
Purple Dragon (GB)230.88
Encoded (IRE)228.48
Dougan (GB)222.3
Iniciar (GER)222.3
Mazzini (GB)222.3
Sexy Legs (GB)222.3
The Warrior (IRE)222.3
Ainne (GB)216.45
Barrsbrook (GB)216.45
Beachwalk (GB)216.45
Bondi Beach Boy (GB)216.45
Debonaire David (GB)216.45
Delicate Kiss (GB)216.45
Deviate (IRE)216.45
Diablery (GB)216.45
Dillie Dallie (IRE)216.45
Dubai Silk (GB)216.45
Eesha Says (IRE)216.45
Elhafei (USA)216.45
Elite Treaty (GB)216.45
Goldfox Girl (GB)216.45
Lyin Eyes (GB)216.45
My Brother Mike (IRE)216.45
My Girl Jo (FR)216.45
My Illusionist (GB)216.45
Never A Word (USA)216.45
Qasr (GB)216.45
Red For Danger (GB)216.45
Rock N Rolla (IRE)216.45
Solent Meads (IRE)216.45
Tea Rattle (GB)216.45
Time To Perfection (IRE)216.45
Treacherous (GB)216.45
Villa Tora (GB)216.45
African Blessing (GB)192.4
Arizona Sunrise (GB)192.4
Black Prince (FR)192.4
Caribbean Spring (IRE)192.4
Dashing Dusty (IRE)192.4
Gift From God (GB)192.4
Lady Al Thumama (GB)192.4
Ladycammyofclare (IRE)192.4
Let's Be Happy (IRE)192.4
Little Choosey (GB)192.4
McDelta (GB)192.4
Naupaka (GB)192.4
Philamundo (IRE)192.4
Snoozy Sioux (IRE)192.4
Spring Ability (IRE)192.4
Tour de Paris (IRE)192.4
Whaleweigh Station (GB)192.4
Swiss Psalm (GB)182.78
Mister Maestro (GB)180.38
Zavikon (GB)180.38
Avenue of Stars (GB)168.35
Capriolette (IRE)168.35
Divine Messenger (GB)168.35
Drumochter (GB)168.35
Havelock (IRE)168.35
Jennies Gem (GB)168.35
Kirkby's Phantom (GB)168.35
Little Miss Lilly (GB)168.35
Maricruz (IRE)168.35
My Girl Maisie (IRE)168.35
Nellie Deen (IRE)168.35
Ode To Glory (GB)168.35
Tan (GB)168.35
Thornaby Nash (GB)168.35
Yogi's Girl (IRE)168.35
Lutine Charlie (IRE)144.3
Desert God (IND)134.55
Earthly (USA)134.55
Tylery Wonder (IRE)117
Afonso de Sousa (USA)111.15
Show Princess (GB)105.75