Two horses racing
Two horses racing
Testing every horse, jockey, trainer and owner

See who are the All-Weather Championships All-Stars.

All Star Leaderboards





The All Stars rankings showcase which Owners, Trainers, Jockeys & Horses are at the top of their respective category, with prize money up for grabs at the end of the season!

Horse with dismounted jockey and trainers

The prize money for Champion Jockey will be split, with £8,000 going to the winner and £2,000 to the runner up. The Champion Apprentice prize will be similarly split £4,000 and £1,000.

The winners of the Champion Trainer and Owner categories will receive a £10,000 prize.

In the event of a tie in the All-Stars categories judged on number of wins, the winner will be determined by number of second places then third, and then fourth places if necessary. Should there still be a tie after countback on second, third and then fourth, the contest shall be considered a draw and prize money distributed equally.

Jockeys holding an Apprentice Licence from BHA will be eligible for the Champion Apprentice prize only for wins ridden whilst holding that licence.

Horse and jockey

Championship Leaderboards

Take a look at the top performing horses in each category.

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