#AWChallenge – Are you up for a Challenge?

December 14th, 2017 News

Are you up for a Challenge? Let us know and you could win a Limited Edition All-Weather Championship Mug!

There are 100 mugs to be given away to those who successfully complete a Challenge on Twitter.

How to enter:

Tweet us @awchamps using the hashtag #AWChallenge and we will set you a unique goal to complete online. If successful you will win 1 of 100 mugs we have available to give away!

Your challenge will be revealed when you tweet us and could be anything from tipping the winner of a chosen race to taking a selfie in the rain.

What are you waiting for? Head over to our Twitter page now and challenge us for a mug! (Link: https://twitter.com/awchamps)


Terms & Conditions

  • You can only win 1 mug per a twitter account
  • You must be following @awchamps to be eligible
  • The mug will be sent to your home address
  • The competition does not include tickets unless otherwise stated.
  • Success of the challenge will be determined by All Weather Championships
  • A Maximum of 3 challenges will be issued a day

All-Weather Championships may refuse a challenge at any time. In this case, an alternative day will be suggested for you to challenge.